Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Closing Comments

Off to trick or treating with the kids.

The people who pull the levers on this market are a bunch of candy-asses, spoiled fuckers.


Good father? Fuck you! Go home and play with your kids!
I hope I don't have to wait in my pumpkin patch all night long for the Great Pumpkin to bail us out.

This market is going nowhere.
My quote delivery system looks like it was made by Mattel in China. POS
Fly, you pussy. Your missing the fun!
Nice call this morning Bruce, market going just as you predicted. Where's your blog...
That was fun. Used that dip to go all into those Bull ETFs QLD and SSO. Got some SSO buys as low as 95.40 . Good stuff.
Time to load up on more GLD, SA, SLV, and SLW?
The path of least resistance in prices is undoubtedly higher.

It is a bull market, ya know!
MVIS is trading with chart chomping significance above $4.55.

....going to $5 +
no blog Jay ... thx .. i know nothing but I can guess like the best of them

watch out tomorrow though after an asia overnight meltup , we open up but , get out of your swing trades ... we've come a loong way up after everyone was freaking out last week

everyones forgotten last week
Vis a vis MVIS...

it almost has a tinge of a "break the fuck out" day, with a splash of disappointment to come.

My advice does not change on the PM's, no matter what the Fed does.

That said, I lightened on some of my SLW (I had an assload) today, as they are announcing earnings after the bell.

And I don't want to get "Fried" - heh heh.
and like i said - the fed not only said 'fuck you shorts', they said 'fuck you mortgage insurers'

all those that cramer pointed out are shorts

cfc pmi mbi mtg abk
JJ - Where did you go to high school?

I think I used to kick your ass everyday and steal your lunch money, just for the fun of it.

So you went to high school in Azherbaijahn with JJ and Borat?

Before the Soviet collapse, I'm assuming?

Good times.

I actually bought 2,500 SWC today under $11 using the George Costanza system (nevermind, I'll explain later).

When will I be able to retire on the profits from the stock? Next year?
Hah! What a bright sunny day! My POT has grown today. And it's perfectly legal.

There's big money to be made in fertilizer.

Potash (POT). In at 119.75 yesterday.

Be a little patient. Wait till palladium reaches $1500 an ounce and you can retire by then.

Give the Kremlin a call and ask how much palladium they have left. Probably none. They have already indirectly admitted that they have none left. It's a secret that only they and me know.
That's very kind of you to let us in on your secrets with the KGB jj.
I don't have the number. Look it up for me.

and btw, go eat a palladium hot dog with mayo.

always wanted to short that sucker

finally shorts get some money back from those ugly plastic shoes

i think whats killing them, is the new line was gonna be made from palladium
...and,... it's time for another shot of Anejo!
A list of some of the F.O.W.S. investment strategies:

Broke A: Buy before earnings blowouts, unless earnings are about to be reported, in which case you should hit something.

Jake: Oooh, it's shiny! I'll buy it.

Bruce: The market will do something. Then it will do something else.

Alpha: Costanza!

jj: When scientists perfect con fusion energy, I'll buy your miserable little planet with just two shares of SWC and you'll be sorry you were so mean to me. Just you wait. And a pony!

Me, I've decided that the market will go up for any reason, and can think of no reason to go down. Therefore, we will have a pullback for no reason.
Excellent synopsis, ottnott.

It's good to know that these diverse strategies are making a significant contribution to "The Fly's" third-tier blog status.

Do you think I can now invoice him for the "value-added" commentary?
Btw, "Fuck you shorts, you're dead" is a legitmate investment strategy that should also be added to your analysis as a secondary Broker A trading system. His alter-ego, "The Fly", may disagree, but I will strenuously insist that it mote be so.
Notice JJ (The Douchebag™) only shows up on days where SWC is up. How's that as a long term holding going for you? Still down 50% dipstick? Wish I would have bought it with you at $20, $18, $15 and $12 so I could be down as well. Instead I like stocks that go up over time.
Lets be thankful that Broker A did not get us into CROX

Good thing he didn't post one of these prior to 4pm

Fly Buy: CROX
I bought 1,000,000 CROX @ $73.95.

Feel bad for all those fuckers losing their ass in AH.
For what its worth any fill under $55 on CROX tomorrow will look to be a great buy a few months from now. These guys raised guidance for 2008. Earnings are expected to be $2.62-$2.75 . Slap on a conservative PE of 40 on a low ball $2.50 in earnings and that is $100.

CROX looks to be a better buy that UA . UA is expected to grow at 25-30 over the next 5 years and has a 71 PE. A little too pricey.....
jj - you've been pitching SWC from 18, 17,16, all the way down to 8 ... broken record, the boy who cried wolf, a one trick pony, etc etc

I did not pitch SWC from $18. I wasn't there when SWC was $18. Going forward I will be pitching SWC all the way up to $100, and then the FLY will take over and continue the pitch.

Go fuck your Mother.


Also, fuck all of you guys for mocking "The Fly."

May your best performers turn to dirt.
By the way, I'm up 125% this year on HANS.

How much are you up on SWC?


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