Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Chicken Wings, Motherfuckers

Today is the day, ladies.

After the close, we find out if those fat fucks from Ohio were redoubling their chicken wing eating efforts or not, at BWLD. The current eps estimate is .26; I'm hoping for .31.

Either way, I'm a buyer of the stock, going into peak football season. Remember, BWLD makes more money off alcohol consumption, than wings.

Hey, guess what?

Bernanke is going to skin the shorts alive today. And, iiG is up, again. Anyone surprised?

Which reminds me, "The Fly" bet 'both of his eyes,' that VMI would print $100, this week.

Finally, seeing the low end restaurant chain TXRH post good numbers gives "The Fly" confidence that BWLD will do the same. Also, I'd like to beat the devil out of the fuckers who keep selling LFT.

Off to my local Panera Bread.

When will you be a buyer of JCG again Broker? I am going to a few stores this weekend to see how they are doing both in the city and out.
I bought some the other day, 35's, you dumb fuck.

Can't you see?
Buy WCG, right now.
Fuck you.

I'd rather smoke crack in front of One Police Plaza.
I wasn't talking to you.
Sorry, I must have mistakenly read one of your hidden messages, that was open to the entire forum, on my fucking blog.

Damn you, WCG is going to zero.
shed - why you like WCG here?
Broker - you got any other of that rare breed of china lottery ticket that go down?

I have some green paper with funny faces on it looking for an incinerator.

I'll make it up to you.

Buy more LFT, until you run out of funny green paper.

Worst case scenario, I own a rental house in Brooklyn that can house you and your family, for $2,300 per month.

Broker I bought some there too, politely, cunt face. I am thinking of buying some BWLD here as well since I don't have a position. I am guessing your pretty confident it will trade higher post earnings?
Did you guys know that FIG is a buy here?
Seriously, I have to go to Panera Bread. You guys are keeping me here, with insightful messages, such as: "buy the next Enron," or "help, I lost money playing the lottery."

Seriously, the wing doesn't lie.

I go.
make it 3300 & you've got a deal ... if its near a nuke plant or a landfill, better still
Big buyers hitting XFML at any price.

I read your comments about the US dollar over at Howards, and agree with you that the dollar is due for a bounce.


The Fund seeks to track changes in the level of the Deutsche Bank US Dollar Index. The Fund seeks to track the Long Index by establishing long positions in DX Contracts. The Long Index is calculated to reflect the changes in market value over time of long positions in futures contracts, or DX Contracts.
Looks as though the info I was hearing on Friday about XFML is leaking.
As I said yesterday, there's money to be made in POT.

(No, not the "nickel" and "dime" shit the Woodshedder buys and sells on the Street.)

Potash Corp (POT)

I also saw that it's one of Hsu's new "biryon dahrra" picks in his China lottery strategy.

(Don't ask me how a company from Saskatoon, Saskatchawan ends up a China play. It's the global economy, stupid.)
"The current eps estimate is .26; I'm hoping for .31."

- Hope is not an investment strategy

What did you hear friady on XFML?


Let's. Go. BIDU!

Smack. smack. smacksmacksmack!

I heard from my source (local hedge fund) that estimates were too low and there would be a big buyer of the stock before earnings. My source said estimates were about 20% too low.

Tell us something good about XFML.

I hope it's not some shit like Hillary shrewdly buying XFML shares at $1 in a private placement to help fund her campaign. She's a really good commodity trader, as we all know.
VDSI performing like a SpaceHitlerian Magician.

Which translates to "David Copperfield -- $2 mm cash in the safe."
Panera...hmmm. Fancy!
CPHD about to break the fuck out.
I just picked up some more SA, esai.

It is consolidating for the blast-off.

Anyone else get some SiDharTHa under $8?

Nirvana awaits.
Fries with that: I made the same connexion with Texas Load House last night when I saw their numbers.

Buffalo Mild Wings caters to the same heifer in training midwest crowd.

These good folks will not be stopped in their march to overweight.
VDSI - mutual fund tax loss selling over?

XFML gets jiggy with it
even FUQIt is green
Buy Yahoo right here--as I pound on the table.

Reuters reports that Goldman Sachs is forecasting a profit for Alibaba of $83.8 million this year, a sharp 186% spurt from 2006. That's actually better than Baidu, where Wall Street is looking for Baidu to grow its bottom line by 105%, to roughly $77 million this year.

The growth story is just as tantalizing. Alibaba accounts for more than two-thirds of the B2B online action taking place in China, sourcing goods for a growing list of small and mid-sized businesses in the world's most populous nation.

Is there something I'm missing?

YHOO owns 40% of Alibaba.com stock. A forecast of $83.8 mill of net for Alibaba this year translates to about $.024 EPS for YHOO.

Not getting excited---yet.
alphadawgg-- Take a look at BIDU

American Technology Research analyst Rob Sanderson in a research note.

“Chinese Internet companies show similar growth and development parallels as the U.S. did in 2000. In the following seven years, eCommerce activity in the U.S. erupted and assets like Google, eBay, PayPal and others saw enormous value creation. While in 2000 the U.S. had better infrastructure to support eCommerce than China does today (i.e. credit cards), China has already surpassed the U.S. as the largest broadband region. Great opportunity is reflected in the public market valuations of Chinese Internet companies,” Sanderson added.

In addition to the B2B commerce site, Alibaba Group also owns auction site Taobao, which has been described as China’s eBay (EBAY); AliPay, an online transaction service similar to eBay’s PayPal; and Alimama.com, an online ad exchange. Alibaba Group also owns 53 percent of Koubei.com, a classified listings site along the lines of Craigslist.
btw ; my game plan going into fed (not that anyone asked or cares) ... if the mortgage insurers, who cramer says be going to zero, have a short covering spike - you short into it


money trade, like shooting fish in a barrel - sometimes you get those [knock on wood]

who doesn't want to profit off the tan man losing color? exactly
""The current eps estimate is .26; I'm hoping for .31."

- Hope is not an investment strategy"

Hey Fucker:

How about my time machine told me to buy the stock, because earnings are going to be blowout?

Does that work for you?
"A forecast of $83.8 mill of net for Alibaba this year translates to about $.024 EPS for YHOO."

This means nothing, it's all about giving YHOO a higher multiple because of it's China footprint.

Valuations do not matter:

China’s online search market generated ad revenue in the quarter of 811.7 million yuan - just $108.5 million. That was up 95.2% from a year earlier, Analysys found. To put that in perspective: Google had Q3 revenue of about $4.2 billion, or about 40x the entire Chinese search market. Baidu’s third quarter revenues were $66.3 million.

Baidu today is up $13.17, or 3.7%, at $366.56. That gives the company a market cap of $12.4 billion, or about 30 times the current run rate of the entire Chinese Internet search ad market.

Your "valuations do no matter" quotes concerns me.

On a more "lottery ticket-like" note,

What about buying stock in Alibaba.com?

I show a symbol of ALBAF (as in Jessica ALBA F***)

However, I can't get a price quote.

"valuations do no matter"

The Chinese are partying like its 1999.

It's concerning to me also, in the short term money can be made from it.
Alibaba, will be listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange November 6th.
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