Friday, November 02, 2007


Closing Comments

What am I supposed to sit here and stew over my recent "debanking?"

Fuck that.

Everyday is a fresh chance to steal some money back from the bitch called "Mother Market."

For example: today I bought a bunch of shit, near the lows of the day, then blew it out, effectively 'stealing' money from some unsuspecting pussy.

Basically, losing vast sums of money does not rattle me, knowing I can make it back, since I've done it repeatedly--forever.

The key, as always, is to learn from mistakes and position correctly--for the next phase of this big lottery scheme.

In my opinion, stocks like VMI, CLX, WBD and JCG are high probability wins, right here.

Naturally, should the "cupfuckers" from MER or C throw the market another dog bone, all bets are off. However, for the most part, despite hating people, "The Fly" is a very optimistic investor, with delusions of grandeur and obsessions with being "right."

In closing, all of you can go fuck yourselves, as far as I'm concerned. I'm a busy guy, with lots of upside, while you're some internet surfing day trader.

NOTE: Please visit this website, over the weekend. "Tim" aka "Fly's God" will be guest blogging. And, some other dude may show up, much to my chagrin.

Look you, just look at the action in C. Something is going on, all day I was getting whispers over IM and I can tell you something is about to happen. The shit doesn't trade like that for nothing and it doesn't go from down 4% to green. Not that big of a ship. Take note bitches.
"today I bought a bunch of shit, near the lows of the day, then blew it out, ffectively 'stealing' money from some unsuspecting pussy."

I think Woodshedder knows by now that you bought what he sold ...

"CupFuckers"-- classic Fly
Fucking a- everyone knows.
It's been a fun AH with C and XLF-made four round trips with XLF in the AH. I guess that makes me a daytrader.
TC-no wonder MER cut you off.
Jim Rogers - Bloomberg
Hey Gap, what was the network stock you love again? INAP?

Can't keep that damn symbol in my head for some reason...
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