Thursday, November 01, 2007


Odd no?

Fuck MBI and RDN. Fuck all of the banks, who gave loans to homeless men.

Fuck all of the analysts who get paid to shovel shit.

Fuck the Federal Reserve for cutting rates to almost nothing, then jacking them 17 times in a row.

Fuck the credit agencies for not doing their jobs.

In short, fuck everyone.

We all lose money vis a vis stocks blowing up.

Take heart, there's always alternatives like SWC and stamp collecting.
This really sux!!!
That fireman must be rich now.
The Fed, which cut interest rates a quarter point, said in a statement that inflation remained a concern, and oil's ascent to another record raised the possibility not only that the Fed might stop cutting rates, but that it might even consider raising them if inflation accelerates.

Why in the fuck would they cut rates, and then release a statement saying that they may raise them? Fucking idiots.
Of course, if you lower the rates to 0.00%, inflation would start becoming a factor.
Best post YTD.

buying more NVDA.
Ben & Co. are asshats who succumbed to the guys pulling the levers on the stock market.

There was absolutely no need for a rate cut yesterday. None.
"I'll take a six pack of Coors Light and some corn nuts."

That will be $18.50 sir.
The Fly is God.
Listen to him, FUCKERS!
The Fed was split in their decision to lower, so actually only half of them are asshats. You decide.
Worst case scenario,

HANS IIG RIMM AAPL GME all blowup and Fly goes back to selling Crack on the corner of 121 and Lexington
"Just go down the hall to the vending machine, they have a bag of Doritos for $7.00"

Eventually credit default otc derivatives will implode and then those who own gold will be the last ones standing and take over the world. Fly, another Decaf Vanilla Latte please.
Got silber?

Got silber, man?
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