Monday, October 29, 2007


Closing Comments

It's worth noting, "The Fly's recent Chinese lotto endeavors have led to precipitous declines. However, it's also worth noting, I'm still up more than you (internet fools), as I bank coin daily on core positions, which include: HANS, iiG, BWLD, FTK, RIMM, AAPL, FMCN, GME and MVIS.

While you may think you are smarter or 'more clever' than "The Fly," you are not. So, just cut that shit out right there.

Going into the Fed cut meeting, I am taking a 'pot shot' on SPF. Maybe I get a bounce. Maybe it goes bankrupt. Either scenario is perfectly acceptable with me.

The financials are off the races. Thank God I covered my ridiculous LAZ short.

Going forward, I have unbreakable confidence in BWLD. Aside from queer corn prices, BWLD should be clicking on all cylinders, going into peak football season. Should the stock dip, post earnings, I'll be cracking open the family safe, in order to get a piece of the burgeoning chicken wing business.

Finally, "Don Dollar Danks," CEO of iiG, is settling lawsuits I never knew existed. Funny, yet profitable shit. In my opinion, Danks is the best CEO in America. However, it's also worth noting, if he were a guest in my house, I wouldn't leave him alone for a second--for fear he would steal the silverware or a few DVD's.

close call coming up for natty:
I think the homey bounce is played out for now .. maybe one last gasp on a fed 50, but not for amateurs

re rising px of corn - CPO
CPO trades like a turd, but it can be profitable.

My take on corn- its done. We'll see.

My take on the homies- I'm going to start dipping my toes in when they pull back from this peak.
Corn is propped up by ethanol demand, and ethanol is a loser fuel. The gov't ethanol program is just an ag subsidy by another name.

So, I expect ethanol production to stay high, but not grow much once the current surge peters out.
theres more to corn than ethanol .. there is corn for instance, otherwise known as a food . As Jim Rogers said; for the 1st time in history, the world consumes more food than its harvesting . Its a food producers bull market. Also, corn syrup, animal feed, etc .

CPO does trade like a turd, a floating turd, the trend is up ... unlike some sinking turds we know

that said, I wouldn't pull a JJ & throw all my money in it .. but it won't hurt a portfolio over the coming years
Intruiging comment on Dollar Danks.

Care to expand on it? Why do you view him as the best?
Fly, my timing was off but today was part of what I was waiting for with WWAT. It is still worth a look. Here's a list of core holdings if interested...WWAT, GBT, AKNS, AUTH, ERFW, GLOB, BCON, MVIS, NTWK, SONS. Congrats on a great day. Danny.

I did not throw ALL of my money into palladium play. I throw more than 90% of my 401K and more than 75% of my regular trading account. But on a day like today, my gain is enormous. SWC up 4.44%, PAL up 4.23%.

I have high respect for Jim Rogers. He is my hero. But he is completely wrong in saying this is 1st time in history, the world consumes more food than it harvests. You guys have low IQ if you can not see it when Jim Rogers made an obvious mistake. This is 8th year in a raw that food is in shortage. Prior to this 8 year period, throughout human history, there have been numerous famines.

I also disagree with Jim that he will make more in agriculture than his palladium investment. The supply/demand of food items like corn are extremely price sensitive. When price gets high, people stop making ethanol, and poor people eat less or stop eating altogether. You have nothing to eat when you simply can not afford to buy in the first place. So the food price raise is really capped by the affordability of poor people, which is pretty low.

Mean while, the supply/demand in precious metals like palladium are way much less price flexible. You got to buy when you've got to use PGM metals, no matter how high the price. You can't produce cars without catalysts converters. Won't be allowed to sell. So precious metals have much bigger room to grow than food items.
Supply of corn may decline as more farmers opt to plant winter wheat instead, in light of the recent price gains in wheat due to the largest worldwide shortage in the last 40 years.

Wheat has worldwide consumption and is more nutritious than corn.

Corn is mostly consumed by livestock and people from the South who don't know any better.
Very good JJ

"The supply/demand of food items like corn are extremely price sensitive. When price gets high, people stop making ethanol, and poor people eat less or stop eating altogether."

Funny how you seem to ignore this very fact when it comes to using palladium for the batteries you tout so often.

what happens to the cost of your batteries when palladium is $2000/oz?
JJ - man does not live on parradium alone

Where did you get your GED?
You said something that is obvious and useless. Man does not live on any one single thing.

I did not expect you to be so dumb. I am not ignoring the fact price flexibility of food. I am not ignoring the difference between food and palladium either. Palladium is quite price inflexible. $2000/oz palladium will do nothing to deter fuel cell cars or fuel cell powered cell phones. I should already make more than 30 folds on SWC before palladium reaches $2000 an ounce.

If cold fusion is successful, then there will not be any fuel cell any more. We will be using cold fusion energy, which will drive the price of palladium to half a million dollar per ounce. Since fuel cell is no longer used by then the price is not a problem for cell phone users.
Anyone know whats up with BSX.

I took a position at the end of regular trading for what was going to be just a quick swing trade and came back to find the stock took a big jump near the end of after hours trading to 15.57 on 166,700 shares.

Anyone know anything.

MDT is also up 10%.
Broker, you got any spare palladium pineapples around for JJ?

You are really dumb. You still can not tell the diffrence between palladium and food. Pineapple is a food item, palladium is not.
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