Wednesday, October 31, 2007


"We Need Some Candy"

Happy Halloween to all the HANS Monster lovers!
Chinese pharma surgically eviscerating the shorts via SSRX. Too much good shit going on to let the haters get you down, Fly. Let em all go fuck themselves.

...always titillating.
Anyone know the ticker for Visa (yes like MasterCard's competition)?
Oy, Halloween. Dug out and carved four freaking Jack-o-Lantern's last night. Today, typing like that old, owl-eyed bitch from the Arthritis Pain Formula commercials.

Damn kids.
VISA is not public yet.
Where's my boy West Coast? What the heck is going on with ALVR and the Chipmunks today?

Farking untrustworthy stock, that.
ALVR sucks, vis-a-vis hind tittie.

Or, from an optimists point of view, it's creating more value.

have you been drinking again?
Creditors scare me, so many young people will be filing bankruptcy because of their huge credit card balances. If it hit homes, it has a good chance to trickle.

BZH looks ready to pop $12.20, have a look
no drinks till 2:15 party time
There's a kind of husssshhhhh...

All over the wooooorld, tonight.

All over the world, because me and you...

Are waitin' for Bennnnnn.....
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