Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Quick Breaking News Alert: Dump SWC

Hey, MVIS is up, while SWC is down.

SWC is no good, otherwise; I would have bought some by now.

If there was anything worthwhile in SWC, I would have bought it today or maybe even yesterday.

Sell all of your SWC and jump on board the mini-projector super-cycle, which will make you Monopoly rich.

JJ's evil twin.

Agreed, looks like big seller has been cleaned up. Should be clear sailing back to $5+.
What do you think is going to happen once the FED meeting minutes are given out tomorrow? Are you going on margin to buy more stock ahead of the decision?
Fuck you, Silverman.

Fuck you.
Margin is for river boat gamblers.
I agree. Butter is far superior to margin.
Margin might be linked to cancer.
Hilarious post Fly.
looks like Neal Goldman sold his shares, and Milhaylo picked some up...hmmm Neal was a big pumper of iiG for quite some time, wonder why he gave up now?
man does not live on parradium alone ... apparently they've given up on corn products as well

I think MVIS can go up 30-40 fold during this next mini-projector super cycle

now thats something I can sink 80% of my liquid + illiquid net worth into
fly no STV...I find that odd, the future is now, your time machine must in the shop.
I'll take that as a yes.

Lets all buy more shit ahead of the meeting!
BIDU never goes down.
Please, drink milk now! It is the way of the old country. Milk is good. Drink or take a lash! Drink!

SWC is not "down." Instead, it is "sub $11" (again) or, in the midst of a buying opportunity.

skateboarding is already passe
bruce, is that how much you really are invested. and is the second liquid a reference to liquid or something?
Jim .. no & yes
dino is right. SWC does not go down. It only gets cheaper.

And what happens when things get cheaper? People want more of it. There used to be a handful of computers in the world. Now we all have a dozen computing devices in our homes.

Buy SWC. It will get cheaper and cheaper, creating a huge demand for SWC.
And keep this in mind.

I have it on good authority that $2000/oz Palladium will NOT...Repeat: WILL NOT affect the market for Palladium-based batteries.

Apparently, people are perfectly willing to pay $3000 per cell phone battery in order to avoid the burdensome process of plugging a cell phone into a car lighter socket while driving.

Who knew?
Bruce--Speaking of skateboarding, Danny boy's pick VLCM is getting it's face ripped off today.


Btw Broker, we haven't had a "shotgun-to-the-head" pick in a while. Anything tickle your fancy?
Jake needs to type the Drink Milk Now- Like "Yoou Dlink Yoou Milk Nowww!!"

Maybe they can replace that tired "Got Milk" slogan.

Real Men don't eat Quiche or Panera

You do not know the difference between food and non-food. You don't know the math either. $2000 an ounce palladium does not translate into $3000 cell phone. We are probably talking about half a gram of palladium per cell phone fuel cell battery, maybe less. That's probably $33 cost. I will pay 33 extra for a cell phone that lasts a bit longer, any time.

The FLY: You get your reward in BWLD. SWC is not a joke. You see it tomorrow.
One troy ounce is 31.101 grams. Basic knowledge.
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