Thursday, November 01, 2007


"Fuck these people..."

Am I reading this right? MVIS reported (0.08)?
Thanks that is great---Joe Yanetty-
Suckers...I've got to rent this one.

Makes GGGR look like GS. I grew up in the car biz.
-0.08, but that's a positive surprise vs. estimates.
Agreed that is a 20% beat!
I am ready to punch this cunts mustache off if she doesn't shut the fuck up about TI.
Broker you fucking jerky boy get off the con call about this Maxim report.
We're listening to The Fly right now....
not me idiots

It's one of you idiots.

LOL you got your ass cut off hehe. Good job though telling them about the shit.
That made my day!
Were the conference call charges collect?
Full disclosure: It wasn't me. But, I did enjoy it.
That was great! Shut that bitch down!
My stomach hurts. fuckers!
That was me asking about the decline in margins from 2013-2015. LMFAO!!
Don't lie your trader/servant just told me it was you, I heard him laughing back there and saying "Yeah tough guy I know all that shit"
No it wasn't Knob Polisher.

"The Fly" knows all.
The "time machine" allusion gave it away.

It's OK, Fly. You got the love, bro.
Swear. It wasn't me.

Lots of people read this site.
Is this guy taking a shit while talking? Old people have bowl problems.
That fucker could barely even speak he was so sheepish. If that was me, I wouldn't have beat around the bush.
I'm gonna come down dere wit my tools... tomarrah! See?
Was there a fucking time machine mentioned? I missed a crying baby here.
There was.

He also called them out on insider buying/selling.
Amazing, one mention of a time machine and all of a sudden it's me.
No, I'm listening...I was laughing when he asked about that Maxim bitch projecting out to 2016...missed the time machine part. Can't wait to replay and hear it.
It was probably jj trying to make you look bad.
Fucking football analogies.
That was fucking JJ.
Jinx Alpha.
Would've been more of a hit if you threatened the viability of their moustaches.


So they don't get Brady to Randy Moss until 2009??
Good to hear your voice, now I know you're not a robot.
Remember, only retards follow sports.
That's Bruce talking right now.


Sounds like Dennis Prager on ludes.

However, if one of my minion did it, I had nothing to do with it.
Did he say the PicoP would be in 2010 model cars?

My stomach still hurts, too.
polish boy, you are a fag and a liar. go stick your head in mud.
Holy Shit... Borat as your CEO.


I weesh eye could provide you wit zum joowsy eyetems....
"....thirsty for juicy information..."
Eye wheel zee yoo awl in Los Vay-guz!
tirsty forw zum joowsy
I may go out to Vegas. I want to have a beer with Gary anyway, so that may be a good excyoooos.
Hey BA -- how come you didn't tell us this fucker was Borat?

Isn't that due diligence item #1?

Let me get my manual... hmmmm... (flip,flip, flip, wet finger, flip)...

Yep, here it is right here:

1) Make sure your CEO is NOT some moustachioed Borat from Azherbajain.
Man that was great anyway enough faggotry lets get down to business. What did you guys think? I am fucking impressed myself. And who the fuck cares if SG&A increases that just means they are fucking working harder and have more engineers. I feel really good after that call. What about you "time machine boy" what do you think?

"I'll bring my fucking tools"
Great Call.
I like what I heard Gonna go to vegas and check it out in person.
Keep an eye out for Jake, he'll be the dude with all the shiny bling.
I suspect the first car to get the PicoP will be the Dacia (made in Romania).
Alpha -- it's not like that.

I'm Irish, we're pretty subdued. Maybe the occasional cladagh ring for the real lowlifes, but that's about it.

All my bling is in Sing Sing, it won't be on parole for a while now.

It's the eyetales that like the joolery.

Talk to BA about that shit, he's from Crooklyn. Prolly Bensonhoist.
LOL. Seriously, I like what I heard on the call.

Buying more.
you fags dont have da balls to ask the important questions. this is real life shit. If a bitch has a time machine I want to know about it. Any thing wrong wit dat?
Dont see much to move the stock either way, but i will say Tokman didnt sound half dead on this one like at some presentations.

Seems very postive. Not worried about embedded competition. Did he say they were probably 2 years ahead and may have competiton in 5 years?

Even standalone product will be better, tho there will be others in that space.

Seemed to have something he wanted to say about TI, but couldnt.

They see them popping up where they go, i guess. the TI guys probably look embarrased when the OEMs compare the two, like the look on an old high-school friends face when you bump into him at a filthy BWLD and--and he happens to be with his big fat heap of a wife.
The douchebag gave his name as Chuck something, did he not? You could almost hear them exchanging grins and chuckles...tho I would have liked to hear his answer to why he doesnt buy some of his own this rate he'll hardly be rich at $100 share.
Hey broker C.

Am I mis-remembering or didnt you bet your eyeballs that VMI would print 100 this week?
Cigs -- they are on my mantle right now.

The kids think it's just one of my "Halloween jokes."

I'll try not to let the dog get too close to them, because I promised to give 'em back if the Corps of Cadets hits 95 next week sometime.
hey cigars. your girl does not stop calling me. Not talking about your mother either. take car of that will you?
Long Live "The Fly" and his Time machine.
Da fly is a bug idiot.

Great call on palladium. Well onits way to half a millioon per oz.

Unfortunatley you picked the wrong company.
I'm listening to the CC again.


Listen to it.

You heard it hear first.
gee, I guess I missed the fun CC ... took the dog to the doggy park

stock up a dime AH? that ain't bad in this tape

Jake - thx 4 reply on Ag
Hey chuck, what is she calling you? A dickless, herpes-inflicted, gerbil stuffer?

Can't be libel if it's true.
not true. I'm the guy whos shoes are under cigars bed
she doesnt say much with my dick in her mouth. fool.
Virignia Military up 8 bucks AH's-

Maybe a late night thought: The important matter of 8 dollar stock swings.
thats right! your a wiseman mrkcbill.
Hey guys, what do you think about ITRI earnings miss? I've been thinking about getting into this company for a while.
Too funny--someone's offering VMI at 195.00. Right.


Chuck (Krull)--

you sounded nervous on the conference call, like an imposter sweating bullets. Ass.
Fly I hope you are using LMAO in sarcasm.
ITRI - The important matter of trading stocks with "TRI" in the symbol.
Don't go over to Mr. Belverdere's bear blog, if you want to keep lunch. They're all yipping it up over the imminent return of dimwit socialist economics.

Like a bunch of hairshirt prophets in the desert, they're happy at misery because they feel "we deserve it." Where do they find these unhappy idiots?

Man, those people were raised up wrong.
Maybe Chuck Bennett should go there to straighten them out.

Do you really think I care about some prank caller?
nervous? about cigars herpes maybe.
just hung over is all. thanks for your concern lill dog
Wow, 75 comments and no one has said my blog is gay yet... that must be a "fly on wallstreet" record.

Odd, no?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Your blog isn't a 4th tier gay blog the Cajuns is. :)

You blog is gay, indeed. Sorry.
WTF is going on?

I leave on a month long killing spree / hunting vacation, get online for the first time in over three weeks, and shit has hit the fan.

I'm going back to stalking and killing animals with hoofs and antlers.


Oh, and go MVIS!
The market is acting so gay it makes Elton John look like a straight man.

I thank the stock gods for allowing me to sell LVS between $120-140 prior to todays AH abomination.

I also offer special thanks to my Witch Doctor for suggesting I sell COGT between $15-17.
a crazy thought .. prince I-smoke-alotta-weed comes in over the weekend & buys the rest of citigroup
DT's blog is two fingers gay
Bruce: Should C get any cheaper I will buy the whole fucking company with a sub prime loan. Honestly I bought a shitload of C today in the 38's and will continue to buy it. Chuckie Doll is about to have his head chopped clean off. Don't fool yourself, C is a good outfit less Chuckie Cheese.
you're braver than I .. you probably make money on that .. by merger Monday

I think the rest of the world is gonna start shopping for US assets ... if so, that may save the markets for a little while
ISWI is going to move a bit 2 morrow. Its just like buying MVISW at .90
Get ready.
Time machine reference during the cc was cute fly.
That was NOT fly on the MVIS conference call. I seriously doubt someone who sounds so cocky and confident on this blog like Broker A, would sound like such a flustering boob on the conference call like that Chuck 'I am not Fly' Bennet guy.

Of note, MoMo stocks - WCG BCSI VDSI ALGN CROX AMZN LVS RVBD GRMN have all been slapped around like two dollar hookers the last few weeks. Makes me apprehensive about HANS and any other high flyers.
Chuck the boob sounded way too clever to be the Fly. I suspect the writer of this here blog resides in a mental institution and has padded his IQ by some 100 points.
get a life polock. short ISWI if you want some pain. I got a date with Cigars mom. see you later
Well said Mr. 45.
That was meant for the knob polisher, not you Chuck.
I'm just listening to CC. Who the hell is chuck. Is that jj, who the fuck is that. Jeff just kicked that fucker out.
I recommend cooking chuck slowly, in a liquid.

What the hell happened to the trolls on this blog? Did they just report earnings or something? They seem a bit...low.
next commenter gets #100
I got it
I got 100. I win the daily prize. So, what did I win fly???
Woody: I agree, Chuck is definitely Jefferson.. Hope he posts the video on his website!
my so called falling knife portfolio holds up well, most of the names I own have already bottomed. I have a few more additions... you can buy half a position in CLUB tomorrow on the open, buy WNC under $9 (Full Position), IOSP, FOE, CMCSA, TWC, TRN, RUTH/MRT (either one works, I owned RUTH) all screaming buys, watch out for the bear raid on RIMM, GOOG, AAPL, BIDU... they are likely great bounce canidates off any significant sell off. at least through year end, but they could make for good day trades. I won't be around tomorrow for active trading. I have a modeling photo shoot around 11am, then I have a teeth whitening session at 2pm, should be home for the close.

email address? or
So....Tim is both smart and gay?
This comment has been removed by the author.
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