Monday, October 29, 2007


Matisyahu: King Without A Crown (Live)

Oy! A Jewish reggae artist? What's next - a black matzo ball champ?
To celebrate SWC crossing $11 (again) I'm having an SWC nickname fest over at my blog.

Holly shit what happened to GS?
Nevermind that looks like my screen was fucked, showed it down 7%
Must be related to the FCC approved sale of Alltel to GS Capital Partners.
Cool video. Been listening to him for a while his Live at Stubbs record is good. Tight band...

Broker, you trying to get some of Jehovah's blessings on your trades?
Yeah, just don't put up the golden bull pic again, or your stocks may get all fire-and-brimstoned.

Actually, in the Bible, I think the earth opened up and swallowed all the calf/bull worshippers.

Either way, don't mess with idols, or voodoo witch dotors. It's bad for the portfolio as well as the soul.
Thanks for posting that video. I'm checking out his other stuff.

I like it.
Special Note: Fuck you mother f'ers.
Holy... crap.

And no, that's not an editorial statement. I'm just blown away that there's a Hasidic reggae rapper out there... and... he's... GOOD!

Brucie, kid, if this isn't a sign of God's grace out there, I don't know what kind of extraordinary evidence you'd need.


Of course, the Beastie Boys are all Hebrew Schoolers from Crooklyn as well, and they were there in the beginning, as in the "Genesis*" of rap, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised by Moishe here.


* No, not Phil Collins, asshats.**


** No, not Peter Gabriel, either.
its all a matter of the tribe branching out & trying new avenues of recruitment ... numbers must be dwindling
he wasn't bad .. the guitar was pretty decent too
The dude is Orthodox- the whole 9 yds. Robert Zimmerman drives him around in his Caddy on Saturdays.
You mean Bob Dylan?

He hasn't driven in years. My cousin drives him around Manhattan in a non-descript van.
Dylan has been on and off again Orthodox--Matisyahu is the real deal no Friday night gigs there.

Just joking about the Caddy. Now that he is doing GM commercials.
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