Thursday, November 01, 2007


SS Fly

On a day like today, may I suggest some POT?
CROX under 49 - oversold?
Fuck CROX and the pink shoes it walked in on.

Get some POT, MON.
Fly- time to re post or link "Jack The Convict"- eat a sandwich,some oatmeal, go buy some 7-11 coffee.

Crude's right tell a funny story about eating sushi or getting a haircut.

When is Jimmy Buffet coming in and rescuing C. I wonder how Cramer's good buddy pal feels about his C investment.
I told you fuckers today would suck balls ... tequila never lies

and she tells me monday BIG Up day

you guys can get out your Shorts Die shit & Fleck & Kass Die slogans for Monday

don't expect shit for tomorrow though

back to drinking .. cheers !
jake: buy BG down 10 or MON down 2 ?
Bruce- your bullshitting we all know wealthy Jewish boys don't drink.
I watched the entire vid, it wasn't til the very end I realized what your title meant.

One good thing about my portfolio is that everything is already at it's low and I'm green today!
jewish by birth .... but jews disown me & nazis would kill me .. I'm in no-mans land, hence the drinking
Brucie --

I don't make this statement lightly. Ag is the place to be for the next five to ten years of this commodity super cycle.

And there is no better ag name than MONstrous-santo.


Go Bungee jumping if you will, just make sure the MONster is in your long term IRA.
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