Saturday, November 03, 2007


He's Back!

Much to "The Fly's" chagrin I am posting here again. I had to blackmail him with several incriminating photos of he and one of his "illegal Mexicans" named LuLu. Terms of our agreement prevent me from any further discussion of said photos. As you all know, "The Fly" reveres his anonymity and went to great lengths to secure these photos -- thankfully my dog was returned unharmed.

Long time readers will recall my short oil call from the Spring. Suffice to say it was not a money maker but not nearly as disastrous as other weekend poster's picks namely VDSI and VLCM.

The technical evidence suggests a potential double top in the XOI - otherwise known as the Amex Oil Index. With oil prices approaching $100 a barrel, one would expect the oil stocks to be charging ahead. That is not the case thus far.

To illustrate, let's take a look at a point and figure chart. For those of you unfamiliar with how point and figure charts work I will give you the quick and dirty. Essentially, they are used to illustrate the supply:demand dynamics of a security using X's and O's to determine if the bulls or the bears are in control.

X's are used to illustrate when the bulls are in charge and O's are used to illustrate when the bear shitters in charge. Buy/sell signals occur when a previous column of X's or O's is exceeded. A 3-box move in the opposite direction of the current column triggers a reversal. Currently the XOI is on a sell signal as illustrated by the most recent column of O's which broke below the prior column of O's which reversed at 1470.

Potential top or pause in an existing uptrend? We will further dissect this index and some specific names tomorrow.


kidstock, you're back! I hope you're bearish sentiment on oil pays off this time. I'm inclined to agree with you this time around but p&f charts don't float my boat. Easy on those VLO puts, I still have bad memories of that position you had.
PS: wtf happened to the guy who was calling out Fly earlier in the week, I liked him but I guess he had no real game.
I sent him an invite. I guess he got cold feet.

Can't take the spotlight.
Go Pats...Fuck Colts...
kidstock, Patriots? Ugh, fire his ass now.
where's my invite? I got scammed, i'm notifying paypal and your ebay account will be cancelled

I sent it along time ago.

Check the second email address you gave me.
That's fucked up, I ask for another chance to guest blog, and you give it to KidStock! I gave the Fly republic ERTS at $47, and this is the thanks I get.

Go Colts!
Fuck the Pats. Fucking Cheatriots.
fuck the pats & colts

Battle of the yutes is where its at:

Kidstock 1, Danny - yet to take a swing/swipe

the crowd is breathless
Oil has to go to $100. It's like Manifest Destiny... we weren't going to stop at Louisiana.

However, come to think of it, perhaps we would have been better off had we left Louisiana to the hurricanes anyway...

The Two Yutes - ha. Looking forward to the Battle Royale!

Mdawsz - no more options for this recovering addict. Otherwise, I have to check myself back into rehab per the order of The Tuna Can.
That chart looks like its giving me the finger.
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