Friday, November 02, 2007


Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers

Hey broker/fly. any comments on ITRI?
Chuck the fuck Prince is gone!! I knew there was something to the rumors this morning.
Gap--what do you think? You think there will be a big spike.. I thought we would see 7 or 8% on news.
This may be their kitchen sink moment.
I think we will see a pop. Just remember this came after the market closed so a lot of people could not trade on it. And many had gone home for the day. I know one unamed firm here who owns a shitload of C and they could not be happier right now I am hearing. Myself I bought again today and even though I am only down 12% on it I still feel its a buy here. Look someone big in the middle east would love to own this gem and would not hesitate to try to buy it. This will put a floor under it. By the way they are not cutting the dividend.
Rumors that Broker A may be asked to take the helm over at C.

Immediate changes to be made at Citi once Fly take over

1. Any employee over the age of 47 1/2 will be kicked down the stairs or dropped down an empty elevator shaft.

2. Early morning meetings will begin with a giant bowl of oatmeal served cold.

3. Monster will be the only drink Citi employees will be seen drinking (in the office and at home). Failure to do so will result in immediate termination via an empty elevator shaft.

4. All employees will be required to visit Buffalo Wild Wings at least once a week. Failure to do so see no. 3 above.

5. In the event the company experiences periods of unprofitabilty, employees of Citi at locations all across the globe will be required to prostrate before a golden bull ( which shall be present at all locations) until profitability is restored.
IMO John Thain would be a poor choice to take over the job. After all, he did get Fly's Asshat award several months ago for a reason.
Bob Rubin would be a better choice although he may just want to sit at his cushey Board job and collect the $$$.
In any event, I would look to sell into the pop if the rally starts to falter. I assume they will also announce more write-downs.
C looks like it's becoming a crowded trade. Don't hang out too long.
Agree with alpha, I mean they were talking about this all afternoon on CNBC. I don't think anyone will be too surprised come Monday morning when Chuck is gone.

Normally, by the time it gets to the idiots at CNBC, the trade is done.

Gap, in case you did not see prior thread -- was INAP the stock you liked?

Thks, JG
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