Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The Strokes- Someday

Impressive Fly. The Strokes fucking jam.

I saw those guys in the Hammerstein Ballroom with some guys with Phibro that traded products, total fucking guido's.

This may sound sad and fucked up, but that video was the best thing I experienced all day. Thx.
Fly (and others),

What are your thoughts on WIN.

It has patents that could be worth something for the Wi-Max revolution in both the Fixed and Mobile arenas.
Fly is the Devil
Costs as a percentage of revenue remained flat from last year. Revenue went up by 21%, and earnings went up by a commensurate 21%.

HOWEVER, Earnings PER SHARE only increased by 14%!!!!!!

This was due to a higher number of shares being issued. The reason they are issued is for stock options for management!!!

In other words, management decided to reward themselves and screw the stock holder in the process! Had they not done this, earnings per share would have met estimates.
Hmm... an identical post is on the yahoo msg boards jeff. Capitalization and all. Are you money_for_nothin05?
Bwld is just the Omen, kinda funny tomorrow is Satins day. Ben or Beelzebul will not cut rates but our throats like a preverbal Michal Myers. We my friends are on the eve of great losses. Happy Halloween.
Jeff the plagerizer or imposter - you choose.
Brian fears Michael Jackson's favored stage wear.

Who knew?
Should've thought about putting that Marley tune, Redemption Song, on. Think about the cogency of how them "pirates (BWLD mgmt) yes, they rob I" tonight.

Sometimes karma bites ass.
For Big ben tomarrow after he wreks the markets....

Holy Lord! All powerful! Father! Eternal God! Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ! You who destined that recalcitrant and apostate Tyrant to the fires of Hell; you who sent your only son into this world in order that He might crush this Roaring Lion: Look speedily and snatch from damnation and from this Devil of our times this man (woman) who was created in your image and likeness. Throw your terror, Lord, over the Beast who is destroying what belongs to you. Give faith to your servants against this most Evil Serpent, to fight most bravely. So that the Serpent not hold in contempt those who hope in You, and say--as It said through the Pharaoh; 'I do not know God, and I will not let Israel go.' Let Your powerful strength force the Serpent to let go of your servant, so that it no longer possess him (her) whom you designed to make in You image and to redeem by Your Son, Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, as God, for ever and ever.
B-man --

Remember to hold them snakes by they haids, and look those little bastards right in their beady little ayes.

Be not afraid, etc. Viz.
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