Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The Important Matter of Buffalo Wild Wings

So, "The Fly" was having a pre-earnings celebration, prior to the market close--waiting for BWLD to post spectacular numbers.

I was in the office, graciously handing out low end hamburgers, deli meatballs and good champagne, until I saw the BWLD miss.

Franticly, I started taking back the burgers, making the assholes in my office spit out the meatballs, while knocking over their champagne glasses. Needless to say, the party was over. Back to work.

I couldn't believe my eyes; the fat bitches who run BWLD had done lost their chicken head minds, via not beating eps estimates.

Now, as you already know, "The Fly" came back to the internets and declared tomfoolery. I sugar coated the reaction and made believe the STOCK WASN'T DOWN 5 FUCKING BUCKS.

Believe me when I say, I am fully aware that the stock "de-banked" me.

In other words, the homosexual commenter, named "Knob Polisher," is right! I'm just throwing money away, owning this dog bone of a stock. Not only did I lose buckets of money; I bought 3,000 shares at the bell.

Ha! Who's better than me?

Here's the kicker:

Those disgusting, filthy, slobs, who run BWLD, let the company miss. That's right, it's entirely managements fault. They showered themselves with stock grants, while watching the drunken idiots, who eat at their filthy restaurants, eat cheap wings. This is America, ain't shit cheap, with the exception of heavy lead laden toys--made in China.

Fuck that.

If "The Fly" were CEO of BWLD, he'd jack prices continuously, especially on over inebriated patrons.

I mean, why should I, as CEO of BWLD, have to absorb the high cost of freakishly big chicken wings? Again, fuck that; I'm passing that cost, and much more, along to you (the drunken, football fool).

In short, the BWLD quarter was devastatingly bad. Atrocious. I'd spit on the CEO, if given the chance and proper escape route.

What "The Fly" needs to do is get done with his 2005-2007 plays, and prepare, via hard nosed research, for 2008-2010.


does that mean BWLD is gonna join NTRI in your pineapple coffin of dead & buried stock picks?

thats 2 shit q's in a row ... don't they get this public co game, or did they IPO to grant themselves options whilst fleecing the stock holder and giving away chicken parts to their loyal, yet drunk patrons?
Stupid time machine.

It must be taking me to an alternate future reality.
The US consumer is dead, BWLD needs to sell rice and saki in Shanghai and have table tennis on it's big screens ala YUM brands and MCD.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
Buddy you do this blog shit better than anybody.

Tomorrow should be a wild one huh.

Fuck it I'm going to pull a Harry Horse and and have a real rib eye with 5 coronas-- Don't make your family eat Costco meatballs for the rest of the week.
BWLD needs to sell burritos, apparently. Maybe they could buy CMG franchises instead of their own.
That said are you planning to sell BWLD? Fucking BWLD and NTRI have taken a shit, never the less I banked coin on BWLD to the tune of 60% thanks to Broker back in February so I am not going to bash his bullishness. I sold my stake this summer pre-split.
they should take lessons from CMG which just killed another Q
I may have to quit this blogging thing, for it is making my companies miss earnings, I think.
UA shorts are going to get raped faster than an attractive female at a David Copperfield performance. Replace your chicken play with them :-)
You play the momentum game and I have yet to see you buy value, I don't think you are that smart. my 20 year old girlfriend picks better names that you. i will bet you $10,000 that my picks outperform whatever shit you come up with, getting these names right here is at least a double on in 12-18 months XRTX, HELE, MSCS, MGI, ACAT, ENS, XIDE, FOE, IOSP, WNC, SAIA, ITB, GMET, FMXL, AND TRN
Tim - that's pretty sweet, all those names are going to at least double?

Shit, it seems like your time machine is better than the fly's. maybe you can fix his???
You can't win with the US consumer with slow GDP growth, high energy prices, depreciating currency, housing slump (poor fuckers), and a high tax rate environment looming (dems). Look at your stocks through a pair of $2 Chinese made sunglasses.


What the fuck are you talking about your stocks all miss..

They take it, but they won't give it back.
Give me some fucking stock tips to recover my losses.
Phenomenal writings, Broker A.
The Fly is God
Fuck you Tim.

You and your girlfriends are stupid homo's.

Check this:

MVIS will lob your balls off, if short, by January.

Or, go ahead and fuck with my HANS (largest position, from 28).

See buddy, that's who I am and your just Tim.
Also, Tim, you fucking cunt:

Your 4th tier blog will be laser beamed. Best to turn off your computer, else your house will burn down with it.

Also, all of those stock you mentioned blow balls.

In short, you're not qualified in any way to have a contest with me.

Fuck off.
all you dumb fucks should take a look at UA and join in on helping slaughter the accounts of shorts.

they are just starting to ramp their biz. fuck the p/e, market cap is only $3b. crox is at $6b and there's no way in hell i'd pay double for a company like crox over ua.

If only woody would stop buying WCG in bulk (hahaha, i kid) he could get in on this.
GMET will outperform MVIS, lets see... IOSP has earnings tomorrow... lets see if it does better than you BWLD abortion
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fuck you Tim.

Eat an eggroll and go call a friend.

"The Fly" doesn't have 'diceroll' contests will morons, who happen to step to me on the internets.
Tim, are you joking? I've copied and pasted your "picks" to a yahoo finance portfolio. I've named it "The Falling Knife Portfolio." Did you just take a pile of 52 week lows? Good Christ.
I actually wasted some time looking at your blog, COMV or ESE is way better at these prices than VMI, ITRI is ok, not sure where you find these ideas, I guess is you are a day trading "money manager" you must do well... what kind of people give you money?

You picked BWLD and now you will eat crow, you stupid fuck. You also picked NTRI and sucked a large cock on that one. In other words, you suck. Deal with that fact.
to zombie, yes... I know where those stocks are, no momentum, but things change, they will outperform in the next leg up.
I think Tim wants a link on your blog roll.
Hey Tim,

I'll respond to you here, rather than on your half assed blog, for which this all -- no doubt -- is an pathetic stunt to drive traffic.

I'm sorry you have nobody commenting on your lame picks and even lamer commentary (Level 3? What year is this? 1999? Do you have any idea how much of a POS that company is?). There is a reason, however.

And I'm not sure posting pics of those Russian chicks you rented out of the Yellow Pages is going to drive traffic either, but hey, points for creativity. But here's the real thing, Tim. For someone with very little excuse for having trouble with the English language (unless you too are Russian, like the whores, and this "McCarthy" is a pseudonym), you write like a bag of cow dicks, Tim.

And I, for one, come here for the brilliant commentary, from BA and from his posters.

You've got some work to do, Tim, before anyone's coming over to see your schmata blog. It's going to take more than some crapulous taunting on this site.

A lot more.
Tim - your grossly inflammatory comments make me think you are one of broker's collegues, pulling his leg. Only someone being facetious could have such incredibly crappy picks. Of particular note if FXML:


Or, you are JJ.

Speaking of, did you read Tim Knight's post on palladium and Ford? JJ is going to get his ass handed to him.
Hey Tim,

If you had any balls, you'd be out stealing for a living.

Now go get your shine box.
See fuckers.

I have an army of loyal internet fools, ready to kill, figuratively, at any moment.

Tim, what do you have?

ANSWER: Dumb, small tits stocks.

Knob Polisher:

Will you wear your rainbow dress to this years Gay Pride parade?

No offense, just asking.
I have to be honest... you should name your blog the "i can't stop shitting my pants" because from NTRI, to BWLD and MVIS your stocks shit themselves left and right and can't stop shitting all over you
no offense broker, love you and all. but that tim guy's recs insult even the most fucktarded of us. he deserves the smackdown based on content alone.

i bet he's that douche guy from last week...the one with the picture.

maybe its your son? you know, just fucking with you from his bedroom? or your wife? no, if it was her she'd have rec'd LULU.

hmmm...likely a collegue. YOUR TRADER SERVANT!

furthermore, anyone who would rub losses in someone's face has never felt the sting of losing large sums of money...leading me to think they never had the money to lose in the first place.

it's def your trader servant.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
No offense Fly, but that shit is funny: you should name your blog the "i can't stop shitting my pants"

In another note: I'm now happy to have a 3rd tier blog now that I know 4th tier blogs exist.

DT's blog is still gay.
Funny, Tim McCarthy's blog posts are now authored by fly's owner.

Odd no?
Where is mr. tim's blog? I have to see what a 4th tier blog looks like.
who called out Foamex? TDI prices... if you knew how to do research instead of looking at a chart all day you would know why now is the time to get long FMXI
Rage, just click through his name, dammit.

I own a fourth tier dormant blog and I know that much.

try this Ragin'

For what its worth I just got back from BWLD. Gobbled down 5 dozen wings and washed them down with 4 Michelobs. The place was half empty. I don't think business is going too well. I think if this jumps over $35 tomorrow its a good short. BWLD is 100% dependent on the US consumer. In other words any economic slowdown and earnings will dry up faster than cum on Jenna Jamesons face.

Broker, you should have stayed long NYX . This is going to $110-120 by years end. Get out of any stock thats dependent on the US consumer except ULTA. This shit will hit $50 before years end. Trust me we'll be in a recession within 6 months. I'll bet my right nut on it.
Tim was right, the fly was swat way before BWLD...you pick stocks like a blind man buying liquor...as long as your getting hammered at the end of the day. You should just locate the dumpster behind your building, they may have better ideas for you in there.
My cheap, made in china, time machine just spit out "no rate cut" tomorrow. Prepare to die.

- Sierra Water 10/30/2007 8:40 pm
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jake, you better check your tone. I know that shit already, you try clicking his name.

BTW, I didn't know you had a blog. I will go check it out. Hopefully it's not as gay as DT's

and i wasn't calling you out on losing money, everyone loses money on a bad trade or bad investment, but you brag about owning apple and Rimm from $1, great i owned apple in 2002 in college. sold in in 2004, made good money, had no idea how big apple would become... i owned rimm at 75 in august of 06, they had a good quarter in September and i was working at the time and restricted on my trading so i sold it at 125, i don't talk about how smart i was for owning those names, i also owned ISRG at 95 and sold it at 89 last december
Sierra, the fed will cut rates.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Jake's blog is more gay than DT's.

If your posting Pink Sheet stocks here your most likely a college kid investing a couple hundred bucks that you made working at BWLD. In other words enter a fucking 100k ticket then start posting. Douche bags. "Flys Owner" are you serious talking shit about MVIS's performance? Buddy I will have you know I am up fucking 52% on MVIS year to date, how is your portfolio doing? For those keeping count thats just over $90,000 profit. Again I ask, how are you doing Tim or "Fly's Owner"? Keep punching that time clock.

Somethings cannot be debated, such as my certified IQ of 155, or the fact, despite recent pitfalls, I'm still up handsomely or more than you, on a much larger sum of money, this year.

In addition, unlike you, I've held RIMM from $18, GME from $6 and AAPL from $55, amongst many others.

At the end of the day, money management is all about picking losers, then eliminating them, while keeping your winners.

See fuckface, what you know about BWLD is that it's down $4.5 in ah's today.

What you don't know, but can find out via checking my archives, is that I was buying the stock, last year, in the 40's--pre-split.

In other words, I'm still up as much as 75% on the stock, over the last 12 months.


Bet you didn't know that.

I'm enjoying this heated discussion along with a bag of popcorn.

Jog on.
there is something called "P&L" anyone that has been in this business knows no ones gives a shit what you paid for a stock, they want to know your p&l at the end of the day, week, month, year, and career... BWLD closed at 39? (i'm not checking i don't care enough) it will open down tomorrow, now whether you were gifted shares at a cost of .01 your p&l is going to be down tomorrow, and all anyone cares about is p&l. so tomorrow you can compare the p&l of your stock which you are up 500% or more in and compare it to my stocks which I own some of and plan on starting to buy the rest of them as they come in
Fly's owner must be sippin' on some syrup.
I smell a cage match in the making, gentlemen.

You're response, naturally, was nonsensical.

Here you go, son:


Notice the buys up in the 50's?

Yeah, that was pre-two for one split.

Now go crawl back in that little hole you call home.
Sorry about that:

Here you go:

Check that

This one is more precise:

BWLD is Dead money, RUTH and MRT will outperform that stock from here for the next 12-24 months you know... JMBA will print 8 before BWLD trades above 45 again...
Fuck you, Tim.

Go fuck your Mothers goat with a claw hammer.

Look you, I got prints as low as $18 on BWLD.

When you step to "The Fly," come prepared.

Now I will ignore you and have your comments deleted, from here on.

i don't care, show me your best idea starting tomorrow, if BWLD i want to see it move higher starting next week, i don't want you punting it at 25 telling me how you "banked coin"
buy if iosp does trade above 25 after earnings i'll pay you $100 via paypal
fly's owner-

Are you making the rules now big boy?
#1 pick tomorrow UA, prints $70 by weeks end.
fly's owner-

Speaka no Engwish?
I told you, "The Fly" doesn't play games with morons.

I come here day in and day out, banking coin, or de-banking coin.

I don't want your filthy money.

Now go away, else I will delete you.
In other newz, "Dollar Danks" is prepared to hang up on the quarterly conference call, like he did last qt, 'cause he had better shit to do.
Rage not only is my dormant blog "gay" but it's the worst kind of gay.

Non-fancy gay.

You're not allowed here tonight.

Go home. I'll deal with you and your stupid SWC then.
i'm buying CYBI and NLS tomorrow on the open, anyone thing they know why those companies are good to go at these levels?
I command you to change your name.

Also, how about I let you guest blog, this weekend.

See, I am a forgiving person, able to set aside differences.

The only caveat:

Talk about you, not me.
I kinda like this guy "Fly's Owner" - good stuff.
My own internet attorney is turning against me.
Your last cheque bounced. I'm off retainer.
everybody go bash Woodshedder on his blog.
Cybex (CYBI) and Nautilus (NLS) are not good to go at these levels, unless you have inside information.

They are POS-class stocks.

Their equipment is for pussies who can't lift weights like a true "old school" gym-rat.

Gov. Arnie spits on their products.

You spelled cheque (sic) kinda of strange.

Are you a fancy gay barrister?
dawgg, say that to me in person and I'll give you a tracheotomy with a rusty nail.
My apologies for offending your gayness.
Trick or treat bitches, FED cuts rates .25 basis points-- markets decline then snapback cutting the balls off the bears Forever!
I'm shorting gold and oil into pre-fed...long homebuilders XHB and IWM.
I'm buying AAPL, GOOG, VMW, UA, WFR, & maybe GRMN depending on the report.
oh and NVDA hand over fist going into the FED meeting. 300% margined
i'd like to guest blog... thanks.
I'll send you an invite, by Friday.
thank you
Hey Ragin', I've been eyeing NVDA for the past few days - glad someone else is thinking what I'm thinking.
This comment has been removed by the author.
jake has a post called "Snazzy Fibs." talk about a gay blog, or conversely, excellent blog name.
Shit. This morning I woke up, looked down and noticed some asshole snazzing my fibs. I told him to fuck off, put on my pants and went to brush my teeth.
I have been reading your blog for only six weeksbut so far I could have made a lot of money shorting when you buy particular stocks.( ntri, mvis, bwld, xfml)
Wow I can't believe I missed this shit.

Ragin, fuck off. Go put a new widget on your "light blue and white" blog.

Broker - i like the weekend blogging idea, like when king xerxes says "i am a kind god" in 300.
aszager-- I want to have sex with Rachel Hunter. So what..
I always knew you were an asshole. Thanks for the shout out to me and now go fuck off and lose some more money. LMFAO!
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