Monday, October 29, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Internets

By the way, "The Fly" will be eating large amounts of pumpkin pie, from now until Thanksgiving. Sure, some of you may say: "you're a pumpkin pie eating bastard." However, I'll have you know, pumpkin pie makes my stocks go higher, just like oatmeal.

Is it any surprise to see me getting fucked in FUQI? I own this stock for about 5 minutes and already I want to track down its CEO and throw him down a flight of sharp stairs.

Oh, by the way, in case you didn't know, we're going higher, bitch.

Today, the internet stocks look good, as investors try to position in ahead of the shopping season.

Within the space, I like BCSI, OSTK, CTRP, PCLN, VCLK, iiG and maybe even God forbidden MCHX.

And, today's Chinese lotto winners are:

Thank you for playing.

In short, if you manage to lose money in an internet stock, during this time of year, you're a fucktarded, dickless asshat.

Also, the networkers have woken up, with nice gains in LLNW, DVW, AVNX, GIGM, STAR, FDRY, NETL, BRCD and CRNT. I'm thinking the networkers are due for a major run soon.

Finally, with my money, I'll be buying VMI, iiG and JCG.

NOTE: How many fucking times do I have to show you iiG going higher, before you get it? How many?

Don't count out NILE yet either. While I don't yet own this fucker, I'm looking to pull the trigger soon on this shit, as it seems to have found some support
fly, what do you expect of BWLD earnings?
hope that pain is for shorts and dumbass analysts.

any word on the new Hsu pick yet?
BOT 1000 BOOM @ 53. Traders. Looking for 5 bucks this week.
GIGM is not a networker. However, it is a great stock.
What u guys expect for the rate cut, I am thinking of burning out of my SRS position???
"GigaMedia provides broadband Internet access services to consumer and corporate customers through various technologies and products, including cable modems, leased-lines, virtual private network, and other value-added services."

Fuck you Wood. I win again.
GIGM is an internet gaming stock. The ISP business is old.
I will track Steve down and throw peanut butter at him.


I'm all in.
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Just finished some salt and pepper prawns, roast duck, and mustard greens braised with garlic. Then opened a fortune cookie that told me to get long HIHO! If this bubble shit aint crazy don't know what is. I'm finishing my Tsingtao and I'm outta here!
Fly, make it crunchy please.
HIHO patents are worthless and their paint is full of lead.
MVIS challenging 4.43 resistance.

Those paying attention might have noticed that the way MVIS has traded over the past few months is changing.

Not much longer before seasonal influences start yanking it back up where it belongs.

Volume does suck today though.
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