Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Position Update: MVIS

By the way, ever since MVIS put out that press release, the stock stopped its mind numbing decline.

Odd no?

Fly wins again.

Until it tests resistance at 4.60.
no such thing.

Charts are for the incompetent.
You're wrong. Charts are for the lazy and ignorant. Incompetence is a byproduct.
Jason, its resistance at 7.00 that you need to be concerned about.
Pretty soon you fuckfaces are going to be talking about support at $12.
I will drink 6 coronas to celebrate when this bitch tickles 7.
I was confident there was support at the bullish level....just checking.
Looking at the EPS estimates at for MVIS for 08 they're all in red ink.


That may be why the stock has been floundering of late.
speaking of incompetence ... Broker, you failed to mention the CRESY chart breakout

long live ribeye
There's no such thing as 'chart breakouts.' That's all make believe stuff, to trick the masses into buying stocks.
VDSI -- would not be Michele Shocked to see this thing return to 25.75, which is the point where you get the back hoe out of the garage and dig up that chest of gold coins Grampie left you for just such a purchasing occassion.
Allright, forget about 25.75. See if you can get it (VDSI) at 26 fitty now.
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