Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Late Night Fact

MVIS is coming down the home stretch.

It concerns me when you use the word "down", vis a vis "home stretch", with MVIS in the same sentence.

(But I realize that, "coming up the home stretch" doesn't make sense either and has a retarded quality to it.)

You have good news, no?
I am interested as well fucker

The last stock you gave me went down 90%.

What's up with that?
Broker a is secretly short mvis. It's his largest (short) position.
broker, I never gave you any stocks... its cool though. MVIS is my baby. I read you to only to assure the thoughts I have been thinking since last Jan. Ever since I saw PicoP in action, I have followed it since.
Hold a stock with you going into earnings is like f'in a a chick w herpes. I'll be takin a double dose of Valtrex tonight.
Yeah, I know fuckface.

Only my stocks blow up after earnings, right?

What's that 2 out of 100?

Pretty fucked ratio.
Mitchtam -- I'm concerned you know what drugs to take for herpes.
did they sprain an ankle?
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