Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Closing Comments

Tough day for the market, ahead of a key Fed help.

All day, momentum sectors, like the shippers, metals and oils, were obliterated. To top things off, it appears the filthy restaurant owners @ BWLD missed earnings, but beat on revenue. My guess, they will blame some sort of 'chicken wing' phenomenon.

Like I said before, either way, I will own the stock, in size, until March. Should the son of a bitch trade down 5, so be it. I'll buy more.

There was a nice bounce in the homies, as the sellers book profits ahead of 'Helicopter Ben.' I'm long SPF.

Look you, I have lots of important shit to do, instead of telling you the future. Just know, no matter how gay the market gets, "The Fly" will always come out straight.

Finally, the "death hammer" dip in VMI should be bought, as should the "chicken wing aberration."

Off to throw a chair at my trader/servant.

UPDATE: This looks good. Big overreaction.

16:21 BWLD Buffalo Wild Wings reports Q3 (Sep) results, beats on revs; guides FY07 revs above consensus (38.91 -0.58)

Reports Q3 (Sep) earnings of $0.24 per share, includes charge, may not be comparable to the Reuters Estimates consensus of $0.26; revenues rose 20.6% year/year to $82.4 mln vs the $81.6 mln consensus. Co issues upside guidance for FY07, sees FY07 revs growth of 20%, which equates to ~$333.8 vs. $330.32 mln consensus. Co sees 2008 20% revs growth, and 25% EPS growth. Co says, "In May, we announced that we had exercised the right of first refusal to acquire nine Buffalo Wild Wings franchised restaurants in the Las Vegas area and that the acquisition was anticipated to close by the end of 2007. One of the conditions to closing this transaction is obtaining gaming license approvals. This process is taking longer than expected, and, although we cannot determine the exact closing date, we anticipate that the transaction, upon satisfaction of the remaining contingencies, will be completed in 2008.

nice try but a miss is a miss is a miss.
Knob Polisher.

How is that not a gay name?
BWLD is too pricey no ? 20% earnings growth and a 40 PE ?

CMG may look pricey at an 80 PE but, it just grew earnings 75% YoY.
27x you fool.
Down 13% on higher rev and guidance. Heh same exact thing happened to me in JNPR last week. JNPR is already back from all teh shorties covering. If the fed cuts tomorrow it won't even take the 4 days it took for JNPR.
Goes to show you why you shouldnt ever sell after hours...

Keep in mind that ot much of the Indians run is in 3Q results.

and knob polisher, if your aim is to be a total douchebag conratulations. you are.

Why is it you never mention HANS, FMCN, EQIX, CENX, LLN, LLNW, VMI, etc?

If the 6 losers you pick out were his only 6 stocks Id be right there with you, but you conveniently forget the 20+ winners, some of them considerable.

Thats the very definition of a bag of douche.
I'm dining there tonight...I will load up on Splenda packets and paper products -- I have instructed the wife and kids to concentrate on flatware.
dividends in kind, mr. bill?
These guys consistently execute. Great management team.

Down $5 is wrong on that report. I'm $34 bid.
35c wings today at BWLD. I'm going to go eat a few hundred dozen later today. Maybe I can add a few pennies to that bottom line:)

BTW I don't see how they can make their 36c analyst expectations for Q4. Oh wait college football. My Bad.
Analysts need to bring down estimates to .28 to be in line with company guidance.

2006 .84 (52 weeks)
2007 1.05
2008 1.31

Based on 2008 give it a p/e of 35 so some time next year price should be $45.
Should have bought UA instead of AEO...
Bwld is just the Omen, kinda funny tomorrow is Satins day. Ben or Beelzebul will not cut rates but our throats like a preverbal Michal Myers. We my friends are on the eve of great losses. Happy Halloween.
Do you mean "Satan," asshat?

Or are you in dread of Michael Jackson's stage wear?
He's predicting that we will be suffering the moody blues tomorrow.
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