Friday, October 12, 2007


Fly Buy: CRESY

I bought 1,000 CRESY @ $23.05.

Disclaimer: If you buy CRESY because of this post, Rick Santelli will fix his teeth. And, you may lose money.

Squeeze going down in F
Take a peek at SHA --

SHA (Amex) - Chinese & Profitable Company with $3 cash per share (10 p/e) - Atorka (Norwegian) just bought 20% stake in SHA - total float is 17 mln but insiders own 9 mln and 6.5 mln insitutions such as Citigroup and Detusche Bank

One of the few ontuched (yet) Chinese plays
What the fuck is this CRESY?
Fly loading the fuck up on food .. you hungry or something?

If that is Argentine beef, you'll get some juicy 3 1/2 inch rib eyes out of them there beef.
Fly you may want to go to the gym 2x this weekend for getting punched in the mouth. You bailed on SRS, oh well. We shall ride again.

Sawzall, CRESY had a nice little article written about it the other day in the Daily Reckoning I think...

They own buttloads and buttloads of Argentinian farmland, and other hard assets. One farm they bought was 400 times the size of Manhattan (!!).

They also picked off a bunch of gold coins from the stupid Argentinian gov't. At peso cost (1/3 off) for the price of gold, with no numismatic value attached... and apparently some of them were serious collecter's items.

Anyway, they're opportunistic, and they stock is similar to what JOE was a couple of years back -- an unrealized gain play.
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