Friday, October 12, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Internet

So far, it looks like the bears will get their jaws busted loose today, God willing.

All of the economic data was benign and investors are quick to put their money to work, for fear of "missing out."

See, thanks to the "V shaped recovery," post sub-prime scare, people who mange money do not believe the market can stay down--for any extended period of time. As a result, whenever the market dips, it's met with frantic buys.

As you know, this can last forever, or until the Earth explodes, thanks to global warming.

Today, I like the Chinese momentum names for a trade, especially BIDU, XFML and STV.

Also, it's worth noting, ATI is dragging the metals down. I'd stay away from metals, homies and financials, while buying internets, retail and software.


And, today's Chinese lotto winners are:


Thank you for playing.


Within the internet sector, BCSI, SFLY, IGLD, CTRP, OSTK, VCLK, SINA, YHOO, GOOG and GMKT have mojo, while NILE shits the shower.

Finally, looking at the vast strength in the Naz, "The Fly" believes it will trade up, between 1-1.5% today.

Be well.

Is it just me, when I see "Be well" I expected to see a "(not really)" afterward?
Don't fuck with the Chinese stock lotto player. He'll take out a 2nd mortgage on his declining in value home, or cash advances on his VISA at 21%, to play.

Amazingly strong bid under STV.

What are your thoughts on ADSK?

Don't know it well enough.
Average Retail, the Fly lost one nut yesterday, so look for the arrogance and provocative comments to be subdued, at least til the markets close this afternoon.

I shorted fat mountain bitches when you did a while back, and I never covered. Covered today, thank you.
goog 666 next week??
Careful playing the Chinese lotto. The ultimate goal of the Chinese is to get us to transfer our money to them.

'You buy our stock with hahd ern money. You keep worthless stock, we keep (your) money. Har Har Har.'

Many of the companies are scams. Earnings are bogus. We'll invest all our money there.They'll keep it. It'll be the ultimate 21st century transfer of wealth - from the US to China.
Soon we'll be wearing straw hats and riding bicycles while those Chinese will be driving Bentleys all the way to the bank . Har Har Har ....
Geez: they took the $48 STV stock faster than people take $20 bills for $10.
"'You buy our stock with hahd ern money. You keep worthless stock, we keep (your) money. Har Har Har.' "

Great line.
Don't tell Jeff.


Shed, I think it was an natural (epinephrine) high after his convo with the slick PR folks.
I've got news for you Capital, we've already transferred our (worthless) money to them. Where do you think all that capital account deficit dough goes, anyway?

And we got the better end of the deal, as they send back valuable goods at a discount (since they refuse to revalue their yaun).

Sucks for them, great for us. But they are willing to deal w. it as they morph from third to first world in a matter of decades.
Look at that STeVe go.

Blew up in his lunar module yesterday, upon re-entry.

A Chinese man, barely alive.

Luckily they could re-build him.



More piercing stare....


Naaahh nah nah nah nah naaaaaah!
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