Monday, October 08, 2007


Quick Alert: Food and Beverage stocks still strong

Despite weakness in today's tape, most of the food and beverage names are strong.

As you know, "The Fly" is a big fucking fan of food and beverage stocks, mainly because you are fat.

Right now, CAGL'A, YUM, ADY, TAP, BKC, WBD, GMK, CALM, AKO'A, CMG and HANS are fucking strong.

My favorite, by far, is BWLD, especially if corn prices weaken.

My point: Never bet against the fat dude with a creamed cheese bagel in his hand. That man will make you rich.

Also, I like this KTEC. These fuckers make the machinery that will put human beings out of work, in food processor plants. Their client list includes all of the majors and is represented in most of the shit at your local grocery, such as french fries, vegetables, beans, etc.

Basically, KTEC is a play on feeding fat or skinny people more efficiently. Their machines weed out the low quality stuff and package the good.

Woody, you tell us about LLNW from a chart stomper prospective?
Similar shenanigans with AKAM.
LLNW just regained its 50 day avg. after a huge sell off from the IPO.
Other moving avgs. 10 and 20 look to cross over 50 day within a few days.

Theres a gap-fill play going up to 12.

Volume has been increasing on the upside, and the Bollinger Bands suggest some volatility may be coming. In fact, the stock has been riding its upper band for the past 5 sessions.

I haven't checked short interest.
agreed on 12 as bogey
Brent called my attention to LLNW on his blog.
I think fly took some down at 8, no?
I wonder what their patents are worth?
Fuck Brent. I was first.
Yeah, but didn't you buy it up in the 20s, Fly?
Awesome disco.
Jake, you still liking ALVR?
All I can find is Fly buying in the 8s and 9s. I must be incorrect.
Buffett was pissed that GOOG passed Berkshire's market cap so he's ordered a breakout today to reclaim the lead 190.3B vs 188.15B for GOOG.
Broker: What do you think of hedging BWLD & the price of corn with CPO?
Bruce --

I got out of a bunch of my ALVR on the rebound this morning. I've owned it since sub $10, and I don't like big drops outta nowhere.

I kind of think the story was bs, but I also think it may drop a little more here. It's a frustrating stock to own, as it tends to do this bullshit every now and again.
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