Friday, October 12, 2007


Morning Thought

Never fuck with Icahn.


I almost added to BEAS earlier this week, but chart-chomping said no...

Why haven't you been backing the truck up on MA?
Because, one day, MA will fall victim to political bullshit and have its stock obliterated.
So it's got the same risk as XFML, but with the US rule of law to protect it? (eg)


Amble over to our favorite bear's site. I think he's starting to lose it... went all Captain Bligh on a couple of mook posters. Flirting with serious liability, imho.
Fellow bugs:

Keep an eye on SA today.
Jake, I was really surprised to see Tim do that. Despite him being a bear humper, I enjoy his blog.
Yeah, I'm kind of worried about him.

Fly's stuff, for example, is schtick, but Tim's a little too close to the surface sometimes. Like, not "thin skinned" but more like "no skinned."
nice call fucknut :)
BEAS has a facility near here and I know some workers. Lots of hours and lots of work. Busy company means good numbers coming.
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