Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Fly Buy: OIIM

I bought 1,000 OIIM @ $16.31.

Disclaimer: If you buy OIIM because of this post, your only son will sport a "Hitler mustache." And, you may lose money.

So what's the thesis with OIIM? Clearly not be roast the shorts --
Trying to Top-tick OIIM again? Man, you never give up Fly

You were pissing your pants 1000 points ago.

Your last post would make me want to buy more...

David: Thats my job to piss in my pants .

btw, my previous comment to Fly was tongue'n cheek.

Go ahead and buy all you want based on some internet fools comment. I have plenty of shit to sell to you.
Fly- KTEC is inching up without you. Go ahead and put in a 5K market order, will ya?
mvis patent searches...
Gold/dollar is acting like we may hear some dovish minutes from the fed.
Almost like they cut rates or something.....
woodshedder get a life guy.
What is everyone's take on CORS
at this time?
Loob- your mother called. She wants her black, wiry, nipple hair back.
Mavis being treated for AIDS.
what does the peoples surmise will happen at 2 eastern?
I would guess that the 2PM Fed minutes would state that Chairman Ben needs to sell his shares with GS and thus "we will cut rates by .50 and after GS recovers over $200 and the shares are sold then piss on Wall Street and let the peons eat shit as we will start to raise rates as fast as we can."
The market has a strange vibe today. Buying QID and raising cash.
hedges (besides MVIS):

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