Thursday, October 11, 2007


A Tribe Called Quest - I Left My Wallet In El Segundo

Fly, sorry that you got punched in the mouth. Here's a MVIS report by some dude:
Came on by to see how things were doing since I saw my man Fly slip and tumble off of the Hillary Step. I was convinced at that time that even the most experienced trading Sherpas couldn't save him. But I did see a little life in him as I was taking his oxygen bottles from his pack. The what does Mallory Fly do next? He spits in my eye and pounds his oxygen depleted chest as he switches over to XFML - he fuckin coops my stock, unbelievable. Mallory Fly Kane raises his head and whispers "rosebud" and then XFML shits the snow. I walked up to the SOB and kicked him down the fucking mountain. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY STOCK. Dont talk about it, dont think about it, dont dream about it - or I will send my sherpa over to snap the frozen moustache off your lifeless body. Geeze, every fucking thing you touch.

by touting my XFML
fuck you, goat fucker.
Holy crap, would you read that guy's blogger profile?

He's barely literate, for Christmas sakes.

Geez, in the age of "spellcheck" if your spelling still looks like it's been arrested at a fourth grade level, that means you're not only a dumb fekker, but a lazy one as well.

That's all you can come up with? Go away gnat.

gnat (nt) KEY


Any of various small, biting, two-winged flies, such as a punkie or black fly.
Great, you've got "cut and paste" down to a science.

Now go fix your intro page, you retarded dipshit.
No shit, check it out:

West Coast Trader began his professional carrer (sic) in a completely unrelated arena over twenty years ago. He began part-time trading ten years ago and has grown into a quasi-full time trader. He is ridding himself of the old bonds slowly so that massive lawsuits associated with his previous line of work do not unduely (sic) deminish (sic) (the daily double! - ed.) his trading capital. It takes a bit of time to unwind previous commitments especially when it is your business -just cannot walk away (sic). It has taken about 2 years, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Good fun and trading lies ahead.

Godspeed with the G.E.D. as well.

Thanks for spell checking for me. You pay attention to that, I'll pay attention to makin monie.

I made all the corrections. Please review and let me know if I caught anything. I could use a good Secretary to clean up my spelling while I occupy myself with trading. Wanna be my bitch?
Ahhh these chinee stocks make me so howrny--- ruv you rong time!

Bought some SLV today.

Fly once again great bloggin- Thats funny about CWTR I was just thinking about that today how you had that one nailed--fat mountain bitches-Lazy Fuckers- Chinese Lotto- it doesn't get any better than this.
I shorted more LAZ at 49.50 and sold some of my EMC today at 23 because I didn't build anymore VM Ware servers today. Other than that it was ho hum extended market but buying the dips. For some reason I really like JCG at 40 but it doesn't seem to want to get there so I can buy it. Oh and wow C was on fire today, I own a load of it long term, almost like love me long time.

C held up nicely with todays volatility. My momentum chart is starting to turn around and give positive reads on this one. Punk downgraded to sell, but that is usually a buy signal. Any break above 50 is most certainly a long signal. Love is in the air.
I have to admit to buying a little CWTR in the after hours @ $8.80. This appeared to be a floor and they did announce a buyback for what that is worth. I will be selling it in the morning (pre-market?) since it is just a trade. I don't think there can be too many more downgrades left (except maybe price reductions) to hit in the morning.
Life is too short to drink crappy beer, spar with semi-literate morons, and buy crappy stocks.

Even for a trade.
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