Thursday, October 11, 2007


Mid-Morning Thought

If CTEL can go up 167%, why can't ASTT?

I think ASTT stands for asshat holdings.

but hey, it will probably trade to $200 bucks.
ruh roh

that wss a quick selloff
It can. Just put a market order in to buy 200,000 shares and it will print $2.50 in about 30 seconds.
Don't they know the constitution says the market can only go up?

The market just took a shit really quick-style
This China thing is insane. Stocks regular seeing 40% gains on no news...some with no earnings...many with earnings trading at 25 times sales or 200/1 PEs....does this sound familiar anyone?

Lock in your profits before the inevitable crash....wonder how it will happen...greenspan to start it this time. maybe another US jet gets forced down?
Four horsemen getting their respective cocks slapped around like a sick fucker in an S&M shop.
China getting dickslapped at the moment
The Hillary sell-off in the works.
She's fucking Kryptonite to the stock market.
Christ I hope you f-ers with AAPL stops were able to get back in.
RIMM barfed as well. That was crazy! I was expecting it but not that fast. I wish I would of held onto my QID.
Lots of Chinese lotto stock players bought losing tickets today.

Buy 'em to bang 'em...what a game.
I blame Williamsburg Virgina. Why not Williamsburg Brooklyn?
Wold flom da Led Chinee Poritbulo:

Firr ahrr blakeout gaps!
Kudlow will be all over that sell-off. Funny shit.
Floor Talk: This afternoon's abrupt sell-off The markets rolled over about a half hour ago, with the decline notable for its sharp sell-off in big-cap technology stocks. While there was some initial confusion as to whether something specific sparked it, it appears the following things could account for it: 1) a tier-1 firm came out with cautious intraday comments on the tech sector; 2) a different tier-1 firm came out negative on BIDU, which took down a host of momentum tech stocks; and 3) ECB governor Weber stated that, although the ECB had temporarily paused its rate hikes, in his opinion the ECB may need to raise rates to a "restrictive" level... Dow lost over 100 points in a half hour, Nasdaq lost over 30 points.
I sold QID yesterday for a loss and based on the quick rebound this afternoon think this selloff is another opportunity to get long. TIVO and WDC are my faves.
this will be but a inconsequential blip on the way to sensex 100k
CALM getting fucked up bad
Actually, I apologize, that was all my fault.

I picked up some of Fry's Discotech this morning after having made fun of it for days.

Standard market gods cursing, I'm afraid.
tell me about it ... i had an order in for some CALM at 24.50 .. got filled
BOOM is giving me the shits. Oh well. Adding here. Great opportunity for a new position if you are in the mood for stomach pain.

rumors of bombs on west coast ... sounds like desparate bears

if this is the cause of selloff, we'll rebound
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