Friday, October 12, 2007


Closing Comments

I told you fuckers I'd be rich-er today.

You bearshitters are old hat. To celebrate, I will visit my local old age home and hang out near the stair wells, while drinking over caffeinated florescent green soda.

As you know, "The Fly" banked a profound amount of coin today, while fuckernutter fell off a cliff. Keep in mind, the bears can hate me; but they can't beat me.

All day, I saw my positions in CALM, HANS, FXI, ERTS, CN, WBD, LNN, AAPL, ALJ, OEH, RIMM and XFML, amongst others, trounce the shorts, much to "The Fly's" pleasure.

Also, I closed out my entire SRS position, conceding the obvious: we are not going down.

Basically, nothing can stop this market. It is a runaway freight train, on plutonium based fuel.

In closing, feel inferior knowing "The Fly" will have a better weekend than you, mainly because he is BRAVER, smarter and has a much cooler blog than all of you-- combined.

Fuck off.

Fancier, you can have.





I'm with Jake. Fancy is all yours.

I still go back to my point that there are two distinct writers here. Broker A would never use "fancy." Must be his trader-servant.

Or maybe he's been taking some of those supertraderfemalehormones as part of an alien space magician future market beating experiment.

Hmmm... the plot thickens.
You guys are lying.

Fancy was never there.
You think you're pretty fancy, huh? Well, I doubt it.

I challenge you to a fancy competition.
"Braver?" to replace "fancier?"


Okay, Hawkeye o' the Mohicans, have a good weekend.
Some fancy insight into what all the fancy solar burrito fanciers might be fretting about in the next few weeks:
17th National Congress and Gint Family Reunion

Donation to Rupert Mudoch World Domination Fund required to read the full article.
You have the ugliest blog on the net, and that fact will be broadcasted, next Wednesday, via

Doubt me? Just wait.
Fancy is a euphemism for gay. No, really.
The Chinese Burrito makers alliance just named the the "FRANCIEST ROBSTER" BROG in the world. Congrats.
The FLY:

You are still a loser as long as you keep your Romania goat for its unintended purpose. Give me a break. You bought 1000 shares of CALM at $26.65 and today it's $26.74, and you call yourself richer?

My weekend is much happier than yours, thanks to my gain on SWC, and PAL, and my concentration on SWC and PAL.

You have not talked about MVIS for a while. Sold or still holding?

You are still in deny. You said "Basically, nothing can stop this market. It is a runaway freight train, on plutonium based fuel."

I can see you are so desperately trying to avoid the magic word, that you would use the word plutonium. There is no putonium droven vehicles. The next generation train is driven by fuel cell batteries. Fuel cell that is based on the palladium and platinum metal. And that is good for SWC.

Spend your weekend read over my blog. I hope you learn something about PGM metals. It's never too later. Sell your MVIS and load up on SWC. And then I will not bother you again.

There are very very good reasons I put almost everything I have into SWC and PAL. With those good reasons I hardly see anything else worthy my money, except maybe natural gas.
I have something worthy your money JJ ... go enroll in Engrish 101
"You are still in deny."

"There is no putonium [sic] droven [sic] vehicles."

"Spend your weekend read over my blog."

"It's never too later. Sell your MVIS and load up on SWC. And then I will not bother you again."

I fancy all those quotes.
He forgot:

"And Fry, all your bases are belong to us."

So buy parradium, etc.
Put you're muney in yourinal, flushed, and aye wil not bothere uu agin.
My typing may not be accurate all the time. Who would bother to proof read a comment posted on a blog site? I only need to make sure I spell palladium correctly. Who gives a damn whether plutonium is pollutoniam, polandium, Romanium or Russianium?

In average the FLY has 50% chance of making money on a stock, and 50% chance of losing money. That's my observation.
JJ. Now your making excuses for being either, dumb or lazy. Eyes thinks eyes goen wit the dumb JJ. You fucken cocksucker go blow a bear.
This comment has been removed by the author.
JJ - why are you here? you have a need to be right or is it to save us ... like Jesus

why don't you just go quietly & live your life ... have some kids that you can mold in your polutinum image if you have a need to pass on your insanity & obsession. Spare the world your your sickness. Enjoy it all for yourself, you lonely pollutinum fucker.
The Robin Hood of the internets will make us all rich... Fuck off JJ.
somewhere in the galaxy UltraLord weeps.
There is something about JJ thats kind of funny--I like how he comes around every few months. At first I thought he just copied and pasted all of his posts-- but I guess he actually bangs out a new post each time.

Note to JJ this is not All Star Wrestling- "Fly" does not possess "The Belt" I don't think he wants to challenge you in Palladium cage match. You seem like a good guy when you take your meds. If you could just fuck off with all your spam.

Fly- I'm not sure but I think you banked more coin with weekend bloggers...

Mich- looks like the 3 star lock of the day. Oh and by the way WTF with MLB putting the playoffs on 2nd tier networks?

"The Fly" just bought some scrap palladium, from his local junk yard, and some SWC in early Saturday trading.

Now fuck off.
the FLY:

Not fine. Junkyard does not have palladium. And SWC is not traded on Saturdays. And I know you will not buy SWC until it reaches triple digit, or until you stop fucking your Romanian goat.
BANGOR, Maine, Feb. 6, 2007

...The anti-pollution devices contain small amounts of platinum, rhodium and palladium, and the value of these precious metals has been rising sharply, making catalytic converters a hot commodity in more ways than one at scrap yards from Maine to California.

The nice thing about putting all your money in one stock is that you only have to be clueless about one stock.

Imagine how much attention we'd devote to somebody pushing a stock that can match the return of an index fund only if you ignore dividends?

This post was made with my methane-gas fueled, fuel-cell powered PDA constructed using a design left by aliens in a secret chamber in the SouthWest Corner of the Great Pyramid.

*We use $'s for firewood soon, until the Amero comes through.

I found the perfect girl for you

How far in the hole are you with SWC anyways? You've been pumping this turd since it was in the mid-teens.
Your link to Roger Wiegand's piece at Kitco, together with the SWC cheerleader, pretty much proves that overexposure to precious metals leads to degradation of mental abilties.

In Wiegand's piece, we are advised that the way to protect yourself against hyperinflation is to eliminate debt, buy and trade gold and silver investments and most of all become an independent thinker and leader.

What a hoot. If you were expecting hyperinflation, you'd pile on the debt and buy gold and goods.

And why would you trade gold and silver investments, rather than buy and hold, in a hyperinfationary situation?

Roger Wiegand is Editor of Trader Tracks Newsletter for gold, silver and energy traders.

Ah, the picture is clear now, Roger. I'm guessing that you weren't serious about the become an independent thinker thing, either:
Roger provides recommendations for short and longer term traditional futures and commodities trading with specifics for individual trades.

That Roger. A true humanitarian.
Wogah needs vowatiwity.

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