Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Late Night Thought

XFML is cheap.

Odd no?

Read more here.


wth ... i'll go all in (xfml)tomorrow .. its that type of market... got to abuse it while it lasts
Wasn't that a failed Football league
with guys like He Hate Me

I love it. Chinese Lotto
Hey! That was my joke about two weeks back.

Better question is, is this the company with the big Clinton supporter taking a big stake.

And where is Hsu in all this?


Didjoo get some STeVe yet, btw?
Sorry, for the copyright infringement. Every time I see XFML posted it reminds of the stupid fucking league.

I gotta get a couple of "Gint" stocks.

I don't know if I can pull the trigger on STeVe, thinking more on the lines of MON and SLV.
XFML patents are worthless.

Odd, no?

May the Chinese lottery continue.

Based upon 2008 numbers, XFML should trade, at a minimum, $20.

BWLD earnings...
I must say after reviewing the(XFML) numbers, if they are correct, the stock is incredibly cheap!

XFML is trading less than one times growth. This thing could easily trade around $34 by next year.

nice pick.
Hot news- I just heard that the Shanghai Sperm Bank has filed for an IPO. They wanted it listed as SEED but since that was taken they are just going to list as SPERM. Its expected to be oversubscribed and will probably go up 400% at the open.
IMO they shoud have added sun or solar in their name.
TC-Thats perfect- both customers and investors coming into money.
Mortgage stocks looking weak.
Gold up.

Silver up.

Do you have any China golf plays?
I know they have a couple of companies that produce golf equipment but I read they do not comform to USGA specs. I remember one kid from China was using a driver from his Uncle in a tournament and one of the parents spotted it and took a picture. They sent it to the USGA and it was on the non-conforming list and the kid was DQ.
Chesse and Caddy, watch out for those lead soaked Lamkin knockoffs.
Bullish engulfing firecracker (15 mn chart) on BRUD, buy on a break of 38.90.

Also keeping an eye on Fry's Discotech (LLNW).
Fleeking gorf nazis!

I have dat toulnament won!
Jake - don't you have a company to run?
Listen up douchebags, I was the one who brought XFML here, Not Joe. Fly knows it. He just hates me. Yes it is cheap. It is cheap because the company and Fredy got absolutely hammerred in Barrons a couple months ago. There were some shady dealings with people connected to the company that hurt it's credibility badly. They responded VERY forcefully to the allegations and have done a half dozen things since to regain their reputation, including the Clinton and his billionaire buddy connection. It really seems to be behind them. Street hasnt caught on yet.

Now listen and listen good. AOB and SDTH have some incredible metrics for ANY company. And they are pretty cheap too. Check em out.
Cigs... AOB I've had, and I agree. Gotta like that voodoo meds shit.

SDTH, I thank you for.


Brucie... I don't so much run it as stand back and catch the benjamins it throws at me.
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