Thursday, October 11, 2007


Position Update: CALM

Fucking eggs.

is this another brick in the wall of worry...or something to worry about. talk about shit the shower. all i see is red.
SnailDick getting crushed!
Picking off some VMI going into next week.
Are all stocks declining since the recent rock drop?.. hope you werent in any long positions. :*
nice pic, douche
The Bush Rally taking hold!
humpty dumpty
Stick with milking the farmer and leave the egg laying to someone else.
Holy crap, Leonardo DiCaprio reads Fly's blog!

Hey Leo, I've always wondered, did you ever put it to that chubby English broad when you guys were doing The Titanic?
Boom, funny you say that. I think I saw that pic

Try the third pic down. And yes, that's a "soul patch."
man, tough crowd
I thought for sure they were going to make STeVe fill his gap down there at forty bucks.

Now, I'm not so sure.


if china craps overnight, STeVie will fill the gap preopen
Do pre-open gap fills count?

I've never gotten a straight answer on that.
Well....that was fun....
Well, I guess all is forgiven, as Fly's discotech is going shitbatz after hours... what the hell... I thought I just saw something north of $14!
preopen definitely counts ... overnight dips in futures count
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