Thursday, October 11, 2007


The Other Side of the Blade

That was fun. Maybe it was the rain in NYC. Maybe it was Hillary Clinton. Or, maybe someone accidentally pressed the "shit the shower" button. Nevertheless, the market is in "fuck the investor" mode, as profits get booked and Chinese related stocks get the hammer.

Luckily, "The Fly" sold out his highly speculative Chinese positions, when he did. Unluckily, he loaded up on XFML and covered his LAZ short.


However, I am in XFML for the duration. So, should the fucker come down, I'll get my golden basket out and buy more.

As for the rest of the market:

Normally, I'd say we look pretty fucked. However, as of late, nothing seems to keep this bitch down.

With that being said, why not take a shot here, providing you have ample gains booked YTD?

silver lining - MaVIS is hanging tough

what a trooper!
we needed this .. the market was freaking out of control
amen, bruce. Fuck up a few daytrading jockeys.
Brucie, check out the MONster that was on sale yesterday (for about a second) at $85.50.

very strong ... a quick read of the chart says it just completed its run today - for now

that long tail down to bookend the long tail up back in august

lots of charts with that look
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