Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Weezer - Undone

No closing comments today. I'm too fucking busy. Plus anyway, I have an Alex Tokman dartboard to address.

love me some Weezer.......nice choice, now go earhole AT.
the fly works and doesn't have servants to do his busy work? wtf?

Disillusioning, yes.

This ought to cheer you up.

FDG. These are the guys CPSL is buying all their coking coal from.
Also, for the long term port.



FLY-nacious, do you live in the Westchester or Fairfield area now? If so, you ought to check out a little Greenwich based REIT called Urstadt Biddle, or UBA. They are sitting on gold. I know you like little inside action stats like these so here goes:

The average amount of retail real estate per person in the U.S.A. is about 22 sq ft.

The average amount or retail sq footage per person in already-built-out-never-going-to-see-more-just-try-it-and-the-rich-fucks-will-NIMBY-yer-ass-to-death Westchester/Fairfield/Putnam Counties?

A little over 11 sq. feet.

UBA concentrates its holdings in those tony counties.

You do the math.


BTW -- if you live in Jersey, forget I axed.
The Fly lives in Scottsboro, Alabama, and takes a crop duster in to work every morning.

Don't ask me how I know.
Shut up, no one roots for the Mets outside a 25 mile radius of Queens.
(v) rout, root, rootle (dig with the snout
root (2) (rūt, rʊt)

v., root·ed, root·ing, roots.

To dig with or as if with the snout or nose: Even a blind hog can root up an acorn. (LOL! -- ed!)

To dig in the earth with or as if with the snout or nose.
To rummage for something: rooted around for a pencil in his cluttered office.
[Middle English wroten, from Old English wrōtan.]

rooter root'er n.
root3 (rūt, rʊt)
intr.v., root·ed, root·ing, roots.
To give audible encouragement or applause to a contestant or team; cheer. See synonyms at applaud.
To lend support to someone or something.
[Possibly alteration of ROUT3.]

For Met fans, take your pick of definitions.
wtf happened to mvis lately?
dancing around before the big move dumbass.
I saw an Ohio license plate today and I live in BC. This is not good. That fucker should be at BWLD eating wings!

MVIS??? LMFAO!!! Oh, let me guess. You cut back your position and allocated it all to Chinese stocks. You are a first class fucking joke. I relish watching you bleed as this POS works its way back to a 1 handle. Shove a PicoP up your ass, dummy.
Sorry, too over the top.

You'll have to try harder next time.

Remember the key is: the ring of authenticity.

The Ring!

The Ring!
Broker how long do you intend to coin money in NYX? I own it since 69.50 and am wondering if I should take some profits? Honestly there is no reason to sell other than its had a big move lately, what are your thoughts? Do you think it could continue up in anticipation of earnings?
1 handle? Nice lingo, ranch boy.

FDG is a fag stock, they missed quarter after quarter and blamed it on the unavailability of big tires for their drills. Boohoo mgt. Way to plan. Nice work sucking dick at your job--delivering SH value viz. managing company operations.

In essence, coal is for the gays.
g&y that was a good trade, you should take it or sell half.
Pre-pubescent teen. You wouldn't know what was "for the gays" if Freddy Mercury salted your keg-cup with roofies and then proceeded to slap you awake with his half- stiff John Thomas.

It's coking coal, Junior, and FDG's got one of the best supplies of it in the world.

While you and the rest of creation were screeching about tires, I slipped in at $19, and now command yields larger than your semi-annual tuition increases. If you know where to find the dear commmodities, you won't have to gamble on the wacky stuff for diner money.

The next is silver. You've already been well advised, so I'll brook no whining when the time comes.
Dude, don't mistake a good entry on a gay stock for a good entry on a good stock.

Coking coal has been the story fo' evs. I don't trust the assclowns in charge, or the forever dwindling dists.

FDG sucks the canadian nuts it hangs from. It doesn't have to make sense because it's true.
Jake, how do you recommend playing silver?

By the way Boone, I'm a little disappointed that you let Jake absolutely smoke you without coming back with something even better. Maybe your getting old.
Shed, whaddaya expect from a public school edumacation these days.

Next time he disses a stock I've got a 100% gain in (I don't care if you trust the management, baldass, it's all about the Benjis.), I'm going to catapult his ass, Vote for Pedro mustache and all.

Trust management??

Trust management?? This is a Canadian Commodity play... there is no management worth worrying about!


Shed, as I've mentioned, I like SLV and SLW the best.

SLV is the silver ETF, and it's a straight play on bullion. No management.

That's my second largest holding extant, after MONstah.

The SLW (another Canuckistaninian commodity play) I like because of the management.

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