Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Closing Comments

Today, I enjoyed nice gains in LNN, NOEC, VMI, JCG, VLO, GILD and LLNW.

However, for the most part, today was a loser, with the exception of crazy Chinese and dry bulk stocks.

One little shipper that soared today was FREE. Don't forget the z's and w's, FREEZ and FREEW.

Also, within the China space, SEED took the headlines, with SDTH taking second place. My favorite China lotto tickets are NOEC, XFML and maybe SORL. Or, how about "China Youtube," via CYTV? Just kidding.

On the back of the LNN numbers, I have complete confidence in VMI into their quarterly report. Look for that fucker to break $100, literally any day.

I was thoroughly impressed with the oils today, despite warnings from CVX and VLO. Right now, my favorite energy plays are GLF, UPL, VLO and FTK.

Finally, I'm buying BWLD everyday, until the fucker hits $50. Write it down. And, I will not sell LLNW, until it has fully recovered.

Off to the gym.

NE looks good here too.
GSF gonna print new highs and do some open field running shortly
Bruce, you get some MON today?
You wonder why Fly's cantankerous sometimes, dealing with NYC traffic and such?

Meet your typical NYC Councilman.

Now get the fluck outta my office.
Fly SDTH may warrant some further digging. High Insider ownership, ROE almost 40%, pretty low valuation.

And don't forget AOB...a CASH FLOW KING!

Curious if you know Kerry Propper? He is the guy who put the SPAC together to buy SEED. He's done 4 or 5 SPACs that I know of (maybe more, I stopped following the SPAC market over a year ago). All his SPACs are focused on buying little Chinese companies. He's got a B/D in the city, so he not only forms the SPAC and gets all the founder stock, but his B/D sells the units to the public and collects underwriting fees. He's a fucking money making machine.

Ah, SPAC's.

Happy days are here again.
This guy was contemplating a SPAC, through Ferris Baker Watts, I think. Not sure if he ever got it sold.
Broker what are you doing with SBUX? Also are you holding onto NYX or going to cut it loose soon?

By the way I am coining money in EMC. 35% since August. Actually built 3 more VMWare servers today.
Holding both.

Giving XFML a serious look.
Hey fly,
How about getting in touch with your contact againg and see if he/she/it still is very bullish on MVIS? Get us some more spicy rumors.
Thank you in advance.
Do you think NTRI missed the numbers so WTW and DIET will also have bad numbers. You know chicks only diet for the summer and start storing fat when winter gets closer. How is that for a trend my friend.
Fuck NTRI: all out.

I could care less about WTW or DIET.

Rumors: Samsung and LG.

But, who really knows?
Jake : Didn't pick up MON .. was surprised how strong it finished. I'll hold off for now. Maybe it keeps running.. crazy shit going on these days.
Bruce, I'm not crapping. The MONster is the MSFT of the ag-genetic field. They are yarons ahead of their competitors, and every third world farmer pulling himself out of the rice paddies by his sandal straps is gonna want that seed.

What you think of LOCM?

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thx Jake ... maybe I'll just have to close my eyes & buy the fucker
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