Monday, October 08, 2007


Sector Spotlight: China

"The Fly" has been to the future and he wasn't impressed. If I were a OTB betting man, I'd bet my fat gut the market would trade down this week, ahead of inflation data. It's just the way shit works. Get all amped up on the Goldilocks story; then bam, off with your nose.

Thus far, there is marginal strength in steel, semi-conductor, internet and defense stocks, while China goes banana's, again.

Over the weekend, "The Fly" was scouring the internet for all sorts of new investment ideas. As you know, he won't tell you, mainly because his Starbucks cup told him not to. However, if he did, he may tell you (internet daytraders) to take a gander (fully aware that 'gander' is a queer word) at KTEC, XFML, CRESY and ALJ.

With regards to China:

How could I go wrong investing in China?

Today's lotto winners are HRAY, HIHO, XFML, CTDC, YTEC and SCR. If I had a company to bring public, from China, I'd have the ticker symbol COMMY assigned to it. I bet that little fucker would run like the wind, enabling "The Fly" to complete a lifelong dream, which is splitting 3:1. I always wanted to do that.

Finally, with my money, "Dollar Danks" makes sense, via iiG. And, re-short the LAZ and nibble at the SRS. Oh, and MVIS looks almost ready.

looks like you got in a the top of oiim
How about you go fuck yourself with a shoe horn?

I guess my initial 2,000 shares is all it takes to 'mark a top.'
Think flu season / bird flu...NVAX

How about STV, China Digital TV? I wonder if the company providing all of the mandated digital set top boxes for the government to control and monitor what their people are watching will make money?
"MVIS looks almost ready"
ready for what? I know you don't look at technicals, so what do you mean? care to give some details.
KTEC removes defects from french fries. seriously. count me in!
probably a couple new contracts

as soon as the investment community believes that this is really going to happen this pig will FLY
I went through the prospectus for STV this weekend. Microsoft-like margins but with the added bonus of triple digit revenue growth. Revenues growing over 100%, gross margins exceeding 80%, and net income margins almost 50%.

I don't fully understand the business/risks, but since it has the words "China" and "Digital" in its name how can it be wrong?inner.
Did AXR get the new leads? En fuego! Might have to start an anti-Fly-hater portfolio with this one, like Howards "Kosher" portfolio.
KTEC is a great story.
MVIS is a powder keg.
KTEC looks like a really interesting story, and has been on my radar for awhile now. Looks like it's breaking the fuck out, too.

do you know who is placing these large buy orders? obv someone is depressing the price with that huge order on the ask at 4.75

Yes, MVIS will jerk us all off and then go get us a towel. What do you think of STV?
turco, can you say whether mvis will bring beers and pass the remote control?
BOOM is breaking out. 52. Maybe some news leaking? Also, AKS is rocking.
Broker : can you tell us what you expect of LNN earnings thurs?

Nice call on BOOM.


You telling me the shorts are gonna be right this Q?
thanks, broker. do you have visibility into analyst upgrades? this price action in BOOM is very atypical. i'm wondering if a buy/strong buy rec is being leaked? it could be company news, but they are so quiet as a company i don't think that's it. split shares are approved...could be that. but they dont even have an earnings date announced yet.

could be a squeeze/capitulation...but why now? the shorts have been merciless.

i'm loving the action, but wondering why. any thoughts?
unsure on LNN.

Long term hold.
Fly you da man. MVIS is a major buy. We are all seeing the signs. Hold on cause this one is set to rocket.
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