Thursday, October 11, 2007


True Story: CTEL

Two days ago, I had an order for 10,000 CTEL @ $5.18. But, because I didn't want to chase it, I pulled it and said "I'll fuck with it later."

up 167% today.

Fuck me.

Wow, that's a tough story to beat, seriously.

BTW, MER is a buy here. NE scheduled for 52 week highs later this fall.
is there anything substantial to this negative iiG news from yesterday? seems like bullshit, but stock is down 2%
gunners, you got a ~50% move in 15 sessions, not much to complain about there.
Sawzall, CNX already bustin' new highs... today.
The FLY:

You always seem to be a loser. Other people don't see opportunity. But you are fortunate enough to see opportunity but just let it slip through! You always do.

Told you to load up SWC when it was at $8, you would laugh at me. Now SWC is $11 and will enter an explosive growth. Are you still laughing? You still stuck with your most favorite MVIS, aren't you? I am laughing at you.

You may bank some coins. But I bank platinum and palladium!

Your Mother is a goat whore.
You bank plasma for Thunderbird grape down at the intersection of Houston and Avenue C, you freaking degenerate.

Get lost.
Ah, you got to the son-of-a-goat's whore before me.
JJ, we all know you blew out your SWC position at $8. Don't try to hide it.
Fly. Your ARWR is about to go
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mdaw... wasn't complaining, quite the opposite really. just curious to see if there was anything to that news.

Some of my imposter claimed that I sold everything at $8. Idiot believes that. I am today in control of well over 100K shares of SWC, all of my accounts and all of my SWC stocks and call options combined. I am controling 100K shares of SWC. So how much I made each day like this!

You the FLY is a loser. On a good day you have 50 stocks going up 2% and 50 others going down 2%. I pity you while I bank platinum bullions.
JJ, you've been buying SWC all the way down from 16 .. you are underwater platinum bullions.. you are swimming in platinum bullions.. drowning in it .. so give it a rest
Yeah, and all your bases are belong to us, too.
seriously jj, you put all your money in this bagoshit when it was much higher. why dont you tell people what your real losses are instead of crowing about gaining back 10% of the 50% youve lost.

where is your breakeven? 14? 15?

I reached break even on SWC a few weeks back. I started investing on SWC last near near the low of $8 but never gave it too much thought and did not do too much DD. I was mainly in SLV, 70%, loaded below $100 last year. I never added position as I watch SWC climbed to $16.50 but did regret that I did not buy more. And I did a more thorough research on palladium at that time, and decided to take the opportunity to load up more. I bought 1K at $14 for a test of water and then find that it was too high and SWC still has room to fall. I only started to buy significantly when SWC dropped below $10. When it falls below $9 and some where at $8.50 to $9.00, I decided to sell ALL of my SLV and load up SWC and some PAL as well. Before I had almost 70% in SLV. Today I have none. That tells you how determined I am into SWC. When SWC was really pushing to $8 I realized that I still have a 401K and I sold almost everything in my 401K and loaded up SWC in one shot at $8.25. That was a briliant move.

So, in summary, I am today very comfortably above water in my SWC positions. My cost average is some where slightly above $9 in my stock trading account. In my 401K it was at $8.25.

Click on my name and read my blog, see if I have good reasons to be so convinced in the palladium super bull.
On OCtober 10 I sold 200 shares of CTEL out of my 300 shares at 5.20. Ive been holding onto this stock since march. Since I left 100 shares I noticed at the opening bell on the oct 11th that the first buy orders were so great a volume, and I noticed that the gain/loss value was in red since march and it suddenly turned into green the volume was too high from an average of less than 5000 shares daily sometimes less than 2000 but it opend at about 200,000 shares and so I bought an additional 500 shares more right away. My patience for watching the stock since march paid off. it shoot up to $14.65 and I pulled out then bought again when it went down in the afternoon. Had I pulled out all my 300 shares on oct 10 i would have not noticed the rise in volume since it wont be there in my porfolio anymore..
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