Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Gold

Ho-hum, LNN is up a 5 spot, as the market trades down.

I told you fuckers to milk the farmer. What did you do?

You bought shit. You bought stupid semiconductor stocks, trying to get long tech, because it's "so under owned." Whoever started spreading that "tech is under owned" shit is an asshat-- and should be thrown into a cactus farm (not sure if cactus farms are real).

Nonetheless, today has a loser feel to it, aside from select internet, homebuilder and gold stocks.
And, today's Chinese stock lotto winners are:


Thank you for playing.

Actually, most of the gold stocks are up, partly due to the bullshit dollar. Not knowing much about gold, I can tell you GROW, AUY and KGC look good, while SWC looks like a bag of shit.

Finally, with my money, I'll be buying more BWLD and playing the Chinese lotto game.

MVIS looks strong like animal today.
Cmon fly, youre not going to give us internet leaches your pick from last night? Or were they just drunken ramblings? It could only help as the multi-millions represented by your dedicated followers pile into it. We'll all shave our mustaches in your honor.

Looks like the street finally picked up on the LNN-VMI connection today.
DXDDX 2.5x dollar bear
hahah swc sucks, man is it true.

lnn/vmi, those, now those stocks are courageous in the face of adversity.
HMD/MVIS Full color
It's not "Polished..."

It's "Polish Ed!"

the Knob.
After digging through the site not linked by Tokeman, er, I mean "lightyear," I actually found what the heck he was talking about.

It's now our patriotic duty to buy more MaVIS.
MaVIS and STeVe. When is the wedding?
Funny you should say that, but I am throwing STeVe a bachelor party right now.

And getting more here at Fitty thirty fie.
Make sure to bring your galoshes to the party.

I looked at the chart and yes I think
"Bloody Cialis Ad" is appropriate.
The FLY:

Look at the chart, does SWC looks like a bag of shit, or does your pet stock MVIS or BWLD?

Just look

The PGM metals are putting up an incredible rally, breaking new highs every day. With PGM prices at the current level, you can already expect low single digit P/E in SWC.

The Nobel Prize of 2007 was today awarded to SWC.
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