Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Frothiness

What's up with these shipping stocks?

I mean, does DRYS deserve to be trading at $115 or have people lost their fucking minds, bidding up stocks forever and ever?

I don't get it.

Also, EXM, GNK and EXPD are exploding, daily. As you know, "The Fly" refuses to buy these fuckers, mainly due to missing out on them in the first place.

Let's not forget the Chinese related names, like JRJC, STV or EFUT. Like the dot coms, anything related to the word "China" is screaming higher.

Don't fuck with "The Fly." During the dot com era, he played the dot com lotto game like a drunken Italian-- making sweet music with an accordion.

In short, I'm not really into the high beta/gambling stocks, yet. For now, I'll just stick to what I know, which is much more than what you know, ironically.

Finally, where's that fuckface who claimed "The Fly" topped ticked OIIM, yesterday? Now that it's higher, I've dispatched 3 internet laser beams to laser his eyebrows off, effectively leaving three jerk offs from Brooklyn unemployed--due to technology advancements.


NOTE: With the Indians advancing to the ALCS, BWLD should continue to shovel hot wings down the throats of people from Ohio (20-30% of BWLD's restaurants are in Ohio).

I went into OCNF DSX PRGN that I got off oconnor from Realmoney ... drybulk shit that wasn't as extended ... now they're getting extended

getting frothy is right

keep an eye out for the next pullback
I've had DSX since right after the IPO... sat there for a while, and now... boom.

It's the dry bulk shipping rates, they've been skyrocketing. Good indication (along with the Transports reviving) that the bearshitters are SOL.
DRYS is insane. I'm out. Nice ride, but come on? Do they have patents? No. And if they do, they are worthless.
Boomer: whats you take on BOOM here?
bruce, i am holding for my price target of of $68. and will reevaluate then. that's still 11 pts of upside. lots of money to be made.

some thoughts:

i have heard rumors that a large contract win came in, and that it would be delivered in 07, implying that supply chain is even better than previously thought, and that new capacity is running smoothly

the sales pipeline is even more robust than before with the weakening dollar helping BOOM export overseas (50+% of biz is overseas).

2:1 split shares have been approved, waiting authorization. when that happens it will provide much needed share liquidity.

Q3 earns announcement/date shoul dbe forthcoming. BOOM sometimes goes parabolic during the run to earns.

short ratio is at all time highs, despite recent covering, because institutions continue to accumulate

we are at all time highs. if you bought at the 50 day, you've made $10. i am holding for at least another $10.
why do the call it dry bulk when most of these companies seem to be shipping water? are they moving wheat? TIA,
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