Thursday, October 11, 2007


Closing Comments

Today, "The Fly" caught a buzz saw to the groin, as the "key reversal" teed off on his face.

During the day, I sustained wild and exaggerated losses in CALM, AAPL, FMCN, LNN, LLNW, SNDK, GME and RIMM. Oh, and let's not forget the drubbing I took in XFML. Hey, I liked it at $9.25; I have to fucking love it at $8.40.

On top of that, I covered my LAZ short, effectively taking a few financial line drives to the cock.

To make matters worse, I saw this coming. I knew we were extended and I violated the laws of reason.

Going into the close, the market rallied, but did little to restore my foamed mouth bullishness.

Next thing you know, the bull shitters shut the lights off and the DOW dives 1,000 points, effectively sending "Mr. Fly" to his local mental institution.

With my money, I intend to muck around and purchase a few weeks worth of hot dogs (non-kosher).

All in all, investing in MVIS is like putting money into a safety deposit box, where a sneaky family member occasionally takes a few hundred bucks out--every so often.

Top pick: XFML.

NOTE: CWTR shit the bed, again.

best closing comments available anywhere

classic shit in there
Light at end of tunnel: LLNW just raised guidance- up over a buck AH.

I want my money back!
"All in all, investing in MVIS is like putting money into a safety deposit box, where a sneaky family member occasionally takes a few hundred bucks out--every so often."

Well that family member must have slipped some tips back into the safety deposit box of MVIS.

Congradulations, the FLY, for making a thick penny profit in MVIS today. You need a pad on your back for the wisdom of putting your biggest stake into MVIS. On a day when most of your portfolio is bloody red.

Still not buying SWC? See the PGM metal prices breaking new highs?

You need to get rid of your MVIS, totally, and load up some SWC. That will change your luck for better.
I was considering a Fly Greatest Hits blog, archiving the best of the day/week. Will take a pass though, since it would be just of clone of this whole damn site most days. deposit box...LOL truth.
Hilarious Fly...I love your blog...long time reader, first time poster. Blah Blah.

What do you guys think of BIDU here after the selloff today before earnings in a couple weeks?
Today's reversal reminds me of when my Kreb cycle went counterclockwise whilst I had 400lbs on my back at the 86th street YMCA.. Took me 2 months to recover from that. I hope the market is little more resilient then my spine.

will you quit with the SWC ad-nauseum. you are a sick person. Nobody, but nobody is stupid enough to put all their money into one investment, especially fly.

MVIS is but one of 100 stocks he has money in. And all of us have money in many other stocks.

It is painfully obvious you know nothing about MVIS. NOBODY expects MVIS to steadily climb until the PicoP is out. Can you get that thru your palladium-filled skull?

It is a bet on the future that if it succeeds it will be the investment of a lifetime. Their addressable market is in the billions of mobile devices sold annually.

Are you really this stupid? Come back a year from now and we'll compare 401ks then.

Youre setting yourself up for an incredible and well deserved bitch-slapping when SWC reveals theyve been mining nothing but dinosaur turds in their next earnings call.
He's going to be pissed when scientists finally announce that palladium is not really a metal at all, but a form of very shiny, dense and semi-malleable wood.

Good only for making high end picnic tables.
Fly-I hope you were wearing an athletic supporter when you got hit with those "financial line drives." It is always a smart idea to wear a jockstrap while trading.
Very good. But you better put all you have into MVIS. You will be very sorry if you don't.
The MVIS and safe deposit box comments are classic! I almost fell out of my Staples bought office chair laughing.

Keep up the good writing FLY.

If it has been scientifically proven that palladium is just a piece of wood, then, of course my investment will be screwed. And that is the biggest and probably the only risk to my SWC investment. I have done my DD, I am pretty sure palladium is a precious metal, not a piece of wood. There is a slight possibility that it could really be just wood, but I am willing to take that risk.

I looked at MVIS technology, seriously, and I do not think it is viable. So I do not think it is going any where. MVIS must had been an even bigger investment dream of a lifetime when it was traded at $60 a couple of years ago. This thing just will not go any where.

If they will go any where, let them show a product in the market first. You will have plenty of time to ride the train. Investment in AAPL had been great in the past 4 years, but it did not jump up in one day. So there is plenty of time if MVIS really can prove that they are up to something, bt before that happens, don't waste your time and money in MVIS.

PGM prices continue to rally. That is a fact and that should be reason enough to invest in SWC.

If cold fusion becomes a reality, then investment in SWC is not just a once in a lifetime investment, but once in a million year kind of investment. The price of palladium can be driven to 1000 times that of gold. Do you know why?
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