Monday, October 08, 2007


Late Night Thought

Whoever can get aboard the Kvass train will be fucking rich.

UPDATE: These guys love Kvass.

WTF is Kvass?
It's beer that tastes like bread. Hmmmm, yummy.
Never had it. I need to find some of that.

note: the world markets are ripping to new highs.
Hey asshole:

It's not beer. It's fermented bread that is outselling Coke 5-1 in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Thus far, I know WBD sells some. I think LWAY wants to get involved.

It's pretty hard to research.
Hmmm. Who around here owns LWAY?

Thanks for the head's up Fly.
lway coming to wallstrip. I have blogged it, but have not bought.
Not sure about LWAY.

I saw some reference to LWAY and Kvass.

If REED was smart, they'd drop that ginger brew shit and get with some Kvass crap.

I'm calling the CEO Monday.

Great guy.
They sell "Lassi", why not Kvass? The Ralphs near my home just doubled Lifeway's shelf space for the smaller size kefir packaging(4pack). The manager did a stock check for me and they are currently selling 2/day. This should increase as people start to learn that Kefir is best of breed for "probiotics". Not to mention Julie is young and ambituous. They also have a non-compete agreement with Danon.
The Broncos need some more eLWAY
KO anyone?
PENZA, August 30. /FIS/. Coca-Cola Company released the first batch of kvass at Penza Brewery 'Samko'. Kvass will be marketed under the trademark 'Mug and Barrel'. The first batch comprises 3,000 bottles. The company will make no more kvass by the end of this year, but next year it will launch federal sales of kvass from Coca-Cola.

Lower corn prices should be good for BWLD, no?
I like my beer to taste like beer, and my bread to taste like bread.
I always thought drinkable bread was beer. Is this stuff alcoholic?
Could I really be the only one here who's actually had Kvas before?
Kvass - for all of you non-kvass drinkers out there.
Dayum, I try to keep an open mind and everything, but that looks like some nasty scheiss.

What next, wine made out of grape jelly?


Hey Fly, sorry about that pounding my Giants handed your Jets yesterday.

I think it's about time ManGenius pulled the rip cord on Balloon Boy. If it weren't for the spectacularly athletic Lavernius Coles, Pennington would have about a 5% completion record, 3% of which would be to the opposing team.
I'm a Titan fan. Fuck the Jets.
Jets first name out of the box?

New York Titans.

Check out the vintage Bill Gallo cartoon. Jeez that fecker is so old, he cried all the way through Jurassic Park, reminiscing about his misspent youth.
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