Thursday, October 11, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Chinese Solar Burrito's

This is just crazy. All of my China stocks, with the exception of XFML, are going banana's. I booked a huge percentage gain in NOEC and have JADE running.

The irony, XFML is the best Chinese company out there, yet it goes unnoticed.

Taking a look at the company, it can go much, much higher. Basically, they are the CNBC or Bloomberg of China. In China, they own television, radio and print properties, where they cater to the affluent and sell advertising. Glancing over the numbers, the company is trading 13x 2008 estimates, with a growth rate in excess of 110%.

Comparing XFML to FMCN makes "The Fly" very happy and encourages him to quietly build a position. On an apples to apples comparison, if XFML were to trade at the same FPE as FMCN, the stock would trade at $20. Now, if the fucker were to trade at FMCN's trailing PE, the stock would be at $41.

In short, if you were a Chinese fucker and wanted some information about your stocks, you'd tune into XFML.


And, today's China lotto game winners are:


Thank you for playing.


Aside from stock market lottery, "The Fly" is thinking, not pondering, about sneaking into Dunkin' Donuts, for a large cup of coffee.

And, I believe the market will clip the shorts today, NY Italian mafia style.

Off to play some lotto.

Listen up douchebags, I was the one who brought XFML here, Not Joe. Fly knows it. He just hates me. Yes it is cheap. It is cheap because the company and Fredy got absolutely hammerred in Barrons a couple months ago. There were some shady dealings with people connected to the company that hurt it's credibility badly. They responded VERY forcefully to the allegations and have done a half dozen things since to regain their reputation, including the Clinton and his billionaire buddy connection. It really seems to be behind them. Street hasnt caught on yet.

Now listen and listen good. AOB and SDTH have some incredible metrics for ANY company. And they are pretty cheap too. Check em out.
Everything Cigar said was a lie.
FFHL perking up. Looking to eatup that offer at 10.37 then giddyup!
ACTS might be worth a look too. Chinese semiconductor company. Trades at a PE under 8 and has $205 million in cash with a market cap of $485 M.

Chinese value play... who knew?
LOL. I like that.
Just a snippet on AOB. Last thing I want is to appear jj-like pleading with strangers to buy a stock, just because 99% of my 401K is in invested in it.

Sultan of soy
With an impressive free cash flow-to-sales margin of 25%, American Oriental Bioengineering takes the honors as this week's most prolific cash king.

As one of the leading providers of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the world, AOB has the strong portfolio of state-approved plant-based medicines (including popular ginseng and soybean peptide products), a rock-solid balance sheet, and exposure to the massive Chinese population (where its products are naturally in high demand) to keep its coffers stuffed with cash.

Despite the stock's 78% increase over the last year, AOB currently trades at a P/E of 19. For a company expected to grow compound earnings at a 50% clip over the next five years, that's a pretty interesting offer.

Do your own DD. Their portfolio of medicines may be worthless.

Douche on.

I have commened you on AOB in a prior posting.

I got some SDTH this morning as well.

I'm staying away from XFML for now.
I got some sdth this a.m. too. good luck to us!
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