Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Special Edition: Mid-Night Closing Comments

The market went up...

I made lots of money....

You guys suck....

I have a "calculator brain" lodged in my head....

My time machine is working perfectly....

This weekend, I will be drinking lots of "rich man's whiskey"....

I have a new stock and will not share it with you....

....because it's too good and I hate the internet investor class....

Finally, make sure to eat lots of wings this weekend....

sounds like you're into the cough syrup again
After I conquer the internet (it is a war, you know), I will sue Brent and seize his trailer park homes.

Then, I will track down "Dr. Macdonald" and bring him to your house-- for a visit.
Ducati stock pick.
I just received a record electronic deposit into my Arvest acct today from my property manager in AK. Taking care of old folks in a Senior Mobile Home Park is good business. Not to mention, your Weather Voo Doo doctor failed to destroy my Tropical TX MHP this hurricane season. Things are good. Only thing that could stop me now is if they erect a fence on the TX/Mexico border and kill the illegal trade. I doubt you have much influence on such things. Looks like Wood is infringing on your trademark as well (Wood Buy).

"The Fly" will send his "illegal mexicans" to your area and seal off the border, in a weird twist of irony.

Then, I will have them arrest the old people in your trailer park and send them to Mexico, so that they may help in the avocado harvest.
A tribute to "The Fly" and his "calculator brain":
oh yes, your calculator brain and your time machine must have been out of order when NTRI took a 13 point plunge - eh? LOL...
Jake: Since you are the peanut gallery axe on MON ... at what price would you buy?
sdufour: Do you expect him to get 100% of the trades right? Where were you when we were trading fucking NTRI from 52 to 75? Where were you when we bought BWLD in the 40's and it went to the 90's?
I was here, fly knows that I tease him, take it easy there....
Then, I will have them arrest the old people in your trailer park and send them to Mexico, so that they may help in the avocado harvest.

Okay, not that was fucking funny.


You can keep your loaded dice Glengarry picks, I come here for the humor. And I already owend MaVIS long before I knew this site existed.

My abacus brain (fashioned of gunnite beads) has me way long MON, SLV, GG, and SLW and things are looking shiny shiny bright this morning.

Oh, and I almost forgot-- STeVe is up again this morning as well.

Hope you're not late for that bus, too.
Sorry, typo.

Should've read, "Now that was fucking funny."
Just heard a report that Turkey is shelling the Kurds in Northern Iraq in preperation for a possible ground invasion next week. Keep an eye open. If true, there goes crude, gold, etc.
Oh, and nice "Dr. MacDonald" trailer park murderer reference, not sure anyone got it, but I sure did.
Jake: MON - would you get in on this dip?
Great ribeye business at COST reported- only retailer I care about.
BWLD mention:
Gold's already gone, Caddy. They'll think up any excuse to justify why it's up, but there's only one reason, really -- they've cut the price of paper money.


Bruce, you ask a difficult question, and one my brothers are bothering me with all the time. Eventually, I just started saying "any time" because even at its peaks, you are not long disappointed.

However, you are more sophisticated, so I'll give you near and long term. I like to buy long term for stocks I plan to keep forever (barring unforeseen circumstances) and this is one. In MON's case, it's touched (very briefly!) the 40 week EMA 5 times in the last three years. That's been excellent support every time. The ten week EMA is also great support, and if you don't want to wait, you won't be disappointed with that entry either.

As for near term, we've a nice gap from yesterday to fill at $88, or, even better, a retrace to the old fib top (breakout line) at about $86.85.
thx J
Fly actually lives in Ohio. B-dubs mention in 2nd half:
ARI-Good Hit on COST..

Jake you thinks PolishedKnob is part of the show. Funny.

Fly is The Six Million Dollar Man"
Sorry Bruce, I hadn't read their earnings release yet.

I would watch it this morning, as we are obviously priced to perfection (hence the sell off in early trading), so we may get a nice pullback to the ten week line (at $78). If this market behaves as I expect over the next couple of day, I kind of doubt it, however, so I would be looking for a turn before we get that far. There's another nice gap at the $85-ish level, and that might make for a nice entry as well.
Morning. Jefferies downgraded BOOM.

Well, the headline says so but there is no logic behind it. Probably valuation. Fair enough, but misinformed.
I will post more later, but it is a buying opp. I've added 10k shares of BOOM this am.
Ultimately, all you silly gold bugs will lose money. That's a loser's game.
Barristers line up for NTRI class action. Just got my mongo $50 check last month for Time-AOL judgement from 2000. Get your share of the billions available?
Broker: I asked you what you expected fm LNN;

you said pain

you didn't specify that the pain would be for the bears.
Are those real prints for CML?
Jefferies downgrades Dynamic Materials (BOOM 53.30) to Hold from Buy and raises their tgt to $58 from $45, based on valuation.

So that's the news, raise price target and lower to hold.

I think it is a no brainer to add here. Good luck.
M, the talking heads have been telling me about my losing Gold trade since $420 oz. and will continue to up to $1600. Of course, there will be some bumps in the road.
Fly - I have 2 mexicans digging around a new sculpture in my yard. I am trying to make cold calls. Any non-lethal suggestions for removal?
Try a 12 Pack of Bud and some Microwaved taquitos.
Just yell INS !!!!
Hey Fly, next time, go to sleep at a normal hour and you won't have to lay out until noon. Slacker!
And nobody say nutthin about MVIS!
Sawzall, I can honestly say I've never lost money in a gold trade.

Of course, I'm a long term holder.

I'm in RGLD at under $5.00 and GG at under $9.00 (in fact, I owned WHT before GG got pac-manned by them). CEF at 3.50 ish.

Traded in and out of a mess of others.

Silver's a different story -- but I think I found a decent company here with SLW (a WHT spinoff, btw) and of course SLV is just the ETF.
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