Friday, October 12, 2007


Fly Buy: ALJ

I bought 1,000 ALJ @ $35.53.

UPDATE: I bought 1,000 @ $35.45.

If you buy ALJ because of this post, oil will go to $200 per barrel. And, you may lose money.

Is it true that due to the mocking of the Chinese language and its people on this Blog that Fly has been invited by the ChiComs for a tank ride in Tiananmen Square in Beijing?
Fucking in-laws must be in my safety deposit box again.
I remember what happended to ARWR after Fido bought a shitload.
Are you gonna send Herb the Bearshitter a case of his favorite Hansen beverage for Hanukka?
Fido runs up stocks.

They don't care where they get filled, as long as they get filled.
oil will go to $200 per barrel

The dollar will go to 1/200th of a barrel of oil.
I just heard that LYV is going to be acquired. We'll see.
VMW reports October 24th.
What do you think of LDk .It has been trading horribly and I am stuck with a cost basis of 50$.
why did you buy it?

momo? -- dump it.

trade? -- should have set a parameter.

investment, based on a good story + positive fundamentals? -- hold it or add.

you're not stuck with anything. still up 58% from IPO 4.5 months ago. most stocks don't triple in 4.5 months without a pullback, scare-induced, real, or otherwise
^that'll be $75 consultation fee forwarded to my paypal account please
good pick Fly, i've been buying this for clients last 2 days

I'm going to acat all of your clients to me.

Fly, I doubt your penny-ante b/d could handle the volume, so don't bother :)
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