Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Due for a sell-off

October is a slippery month. I'm expecting a 3-5% sell-off, within the month.

My game plan is simple: drink lots of Monster Energy Soda, while playing the Chinese lotto game. Then, take profits, leave the money in cash and eat oatmeal.

After I eat oatmeal, go to my favorite eatery, where salty rib-eyes are abundant and the people mind their fucking business.

Finally, go for a late night drive, throw empty Starbucks cups on my neighbors front lawn, while honking my horn, in order to startle the early nighters.

In short, take profits and load up on Halloween for the Thanksgiving run.

Broker A --

I have always meant to ask you about where you like your Rib-Eyes?

For the Fillet/T-Bone, I love Peter Lugers.

What's your place?

Fly man, while you consider your rib eye of choice, seriously man, I have Mexicans on my lawn. I need to make cold calls, and they are digging around, waiting for their next bean and tortilla break.


This PALM?

If so, what is the exact dish?
VMW $105!! 40 Billion marketcap
That Palm or Palm II.

Just order the 2 inch cowboy rib-eye, heavily salted.

It owns.
Palm's a chain for gawfalutin' sakes!

If you want good rib-eye, you Lugar, or you go to a place where they shoot gangsters out front.

And I don't mean Martin Scorscese films.

a.k.a.: Spark's Steak House. 46th & Second.

"The Fly" doesn't understand your pseudo- english.

Sparks is good; Palm is better.

Luger is Brooklyn. Doesn't count.
Lugar's is the place, without a doubt.
Maybe for wirehouse jockeys chains like the Palm, Ruth's Chris, Outback are good enough.

But you can keep all that schtick, I'll take the real thing a la Sparks.

In the meantime, I recommend a perfect Eyetalian Steakhouse for Fry.
Slippery indeed......the best month for the stock market, since 1998, has been October. Developing......
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