Thursday, October 11, 2007


Fly Buy: XFML

I bought 40,000 shares of XFML @ $9.10.

UPDATE: I bought 25,000 XFML @ $9.25.

Disclaimer: If you buy XFML because of this post, you might ingest a Chinese solar burrito. And, you may lose money.

I'm surprised you don't own any BHP. It's better than 10 chinese solar burrito and electric taco companies combined.
Can't own everything, fucker.
I'm in with you. If I ingest a Chinese solar burrito for being a lemming, so be it.

anyone got anything on CML ?

bought a few shares but the ship has sprung a leak
fuck, fly's goin' deep...
Here's the reason why XFML is cheap.

Chi-coms are pretty cool about capitalism these days, but what is it they still haven't gotten cool about?

If you said "the free flow of information," give yourself a Red Star.

Consider that XFML might one day -- perhaps quite by accident -- roll some tape on something the ChiComs Geezer Politburo is not too high on seeing brought to light.

How fast do you think those geezers would come up with the natural solution (natural to totalitarians, that is) to nationalize XFML for the good of the people?

Call it "the Politburo discount."


That was a nice story about Ms. Bush though.
jake, your words acquiesce.

Also, for the southerners, keep in mind 40k x 9.10 = ~1.4% of of fly's ration carefully lurkers.
Silver's breaking out.

Get on board, mullet wearing fuckers.

My words acquiesce?

In which de-constructionist class did you hear that one?
HIHO Silver..Chinese motherfuckers
One of my reps has 100,000 HIHO.

Fuck you Jake.
What does that mean? He holds it for a (smart) client?

Why am I enjoying your baleful stare?

Don't you enjoy it when others "bank coin," "ring the cash register," "throw fiat money whores down escalators?"

You're not still pissed about Lazarus are you? I tried to tell you not to frak with the Tribe.
WHoa! Fly aint fucking around with XFML. youve gotta have close to 1M in it.

We need Bill Clinton over there with Jesse followed by their usual throngs of suckass liberal asskissing reporters to get some publicity.
Not much of a commodity bull. Would that I'd picked up some CNX in October of 02.
Cigs, yeah, the ChiComs would just love that.

Not that they haven't bought and paid for the Clintons already...
suckass rightwing flag-waving Bush-can't do no wrong-reporters, (read: FOX network), promote stocks better, than suckass flag-burning Bush can't do no right, liberal asskissing reporters

Sorry for your public school edumacation. Please review your double negatives before posting.

I don't think you said what you wanted to say.
those were triple negatories, hence making it a single pository

odd, no?

jake here's my tale. I had a dumbledore-like chem teacher in 10th grade who was British and mumbled frequently. It's best described as cockney mumbling.

He was a cool dude. I remember him showing us an experiment involving sublimation, and he said "notice the way the dry ice acquiesces," as if the dry ice had a choice, gave up, and decided to vaporized. I thought it was funny.

I really like words, so it and the definition always stuck with me.

I could keep going to explain it, just know that I am crazy, but it makes sense.

Either way, it wasn't/isn't an insult
Question: What happens when QID goes to $0? Will they do a reverse split?

I sort've got your gist, and did not take it as an insult. Just had never seen it used thusly.

Maybe your chem teacher was riffing on
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