Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Quick Alert: Fly's Head of Research Looks for his Charts

ive been watching...awesome. if a cop pistol-whipped me, and I went blind in one eye as a result, I would kill him. hooray gangsters.
I'm not a bear but am going to have to rent the bear suit until the next FOMC meeting.
Hey Fly look at CHKP.
Don't fight the tape Kid.
haha shed you old sage fuck
Kid -- keep that wall of worry building, dude.

In the meantime, keep your eye on the PMs.
what if the dollar rallies
Dollar is discombombulating from the PM's.

It's what they (gold & silver) are worth vs. a basket o' currencies, and they are all dirt cheap.

Especially silver.
Boone, WTF are you up to on this gorgeous afternoon? Are you beatin' the ho's off you with a stick?
That clip is from the first season isn't it?

Great show.
Does Danny Boone haveta choke a ho?
Does Danny Boone haveta choke a ho?
Stay tuned for the 3 o'clock hour. If the SPX fails at 1560, we are going lower...
Jake, are you married? Do you, like me, have to sometimes live vicariously through the exploits of single guys? lol
I have a whole mess of little brothers whom I try to "encourage."

Unfortunately, they are beginning to marry off as well.

My youngest brother just got hisself a nice little piece of SoCal, though. Orange County ("OC") born and bred. They grow em right down there, let me tell ya.

Soon I will have to begin corrupting some of my younger employees.

Do not know why my posts are doubling, tho... very annoying.
Oh yes, I'm married, btw. Many kids too.
Oh yes, I'm married, btw. Many kids too.
a few breakouts

look for DYN to poke thru 9.50
I am gonna do my best to fend em off. I went to a playboy party on saturday, and like 50 girls boycotted it bec the sororities wouldn't allow them to go out in bras and panties alone. Thankfully, there were another 40 odd vizes, who came in bathrobes, then took em off. it was so, so great.
Jake, if you are refreshing within this window it may double post.

Let me know when you come to Richmond to visit your brother. I'll buy the first round.
Boone, that just makes me want to say FUCK, and then go pull all of the grey hairs from my goatee.
I think I am gonna drop dead, reincarnate and go back to college in So Cali

That's hilarity. It almost has the makings of a dumb blond joke, but then, it may be just that.


KidStock -- were' past three and hanging at Fiteen Sitty -- what does the crystal ball say to that?


Shed -- no I'm not refreshing... just putting the type in and pressing submit, like always. Weird.

I'll definitely let you know when I'm in Richmond. That little brother is actually married, but he's still good to get a beer with.
Is that steakhouse in Richmond still open... Buckheads or something like that?

Great steaks there as I recall....
Crystal Ball says "YOU STUPID FUCK>>>why fight the Fed???

A profane Crystal ball.

Remind me to contact Marketing about that.
Confucius say: "Man who short Chinese stocks ends up with chop sticks in unspeakable orifice. Ask the LDK shorts for proof."

Note: Why Confucius doesn't speak Mandarin is a mystery.
I'm not sure of the steakhouse you are referencing Jake. Being married, I typically sniff out the better drinking establishments. When I go out to dinner, it is with my family. Why waste a good steak while fighting rugrats?

Jake, maybe you can translate Maggot's aphorism into pig mandarin.
VMI doing some milking today...but the aint just milkers.

They have a coating business (look what ATI did after earnings) and a "structures" business, which is benefitting from exploding wireless structure growth in China and Europe.

I really think fly put us on to a good one here. DOnt you know all $80 stocks go to $120?

Or so he says....
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