Friday, October 12, 2007


Mid-day Thought

The traders at SAC are fucking faggots.

When's Hillary coming on?
Are you saying you've never considered forcing your trader-servant to take estrogen supplements?
The best trades are those made in dresses and heels according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
Hillary's busy today.

I know a mid-level manager in the SAC office. Has a blog...
I want you to know that I try. I reallllly try. When Janie and the kids at the ranch tell me to control my temper...and be passive as they are...I really try.

But when I see my MVIS stock wound so tight, with such narrow bands, that it would soar thru the skies like a jackass midget on a rocket-tricycle...and we can't get any news....well...i just go... BERSERK!!!!!
Fucktard- Please tell Hillary that we are having triplets and they are due after she is sworn in as El Presidente. She can get the check ready to send me. That would be $5000 x three kids.
PS Does she need proof of the birth?
PSS My illegal Mexican gardener is bringing his family in and they are all pregnant and would like their $$ in Pesos.
i know a trader over there ... he's no fag ... they pay him well for taking it up the ass from Stevie
pffft jealous?! SAC traders move more coin in one day than you do all year...
Those fuckers can keep their coin, and their fucking women hormone pills too.
Good idea. Hang onto those hormone pills since they may need them when menopause hits.
This is kind of funny, as are the comments:

Up in Stamford, SAC employees are flummoxed. Not by the accusations, per se, but the rationale behind them. "If taking female hormones actually helped you do your job, they would simply hire women here," one said. "But they don't.”

For his part, Stevie Cohen is apparently angry, or at least embarrassed, and supposedly dispatched his minions to go from “desk to desk to try and find out who leaked a witch hunt." In accordance with his personality, Stevie will have no compunction over burning anyone alive, which he's said to have done before, "for lesser things."

Jiang/SAC’s lawyers called the allegations "salacious and false." Tong’s lawyer, sort of awesomely, countered that the allegations are "neither salacious nor false." False? Perhaps not. Salacious? We think so. One wonders what other sort of cases Tong's lawyer may have covered that would make him so openminded.

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