Thursday, October 11, 2007


How 'bout a late night China stock rally?

Angelo Mozilo, CEO Countrywide Financial

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He's so handsome with his fake tan and false teeth don't you agree?
XFML in the shitter. Here's a new symbol for you: LMFAO.
Tanning salons are apparently very expensive these days.
XFML will build me a castle.
Polish Ed, the Knob:

Make me a keilbasa sandwich, with mustard and kraut.

And step on it.
If George gets one more face lift, he will be Chinese.

Think of all the Charlie Chan Mystery re-make mileage he could suck out of that. Better than cashing a Social Security check I bet.


But the Chinese market, in true Chinese fashion, is showing that it is still "led" and is not the leader. So it's dumping now as well.

No big. They yen is torpedoing against the dollar and that means easy carry trade money coming ashore.

Alert Bursar Gopher.
Jake is the biggest racist on the internet.
Oh shit, I just had the funniest idea.

Fly, if the Chinese stocks go up or down, this would be a good clip to feature.

Find the episode of Deadwood that features Mr. Wu (the guy with the corpse eating pigs) getting all pissed off about Swearengen's bandits killing two of his guys. But the only English word the guy knows is "Cocksucka!" So the whole show, he's getting pissed off at Swearengen and yelling "Cocksucka!"

That's what we need to juju up the current Chinese market.
Jeezus, you must've gone to Brown, or something.

What a homo.
Good pick.

My invoice will be in the mail.


I went to Robster University.
Webster, in Staten Island?

Good football team.
Wrong again, fucker.

I have a pumkin pie to attend.
Webster, pumpkin pie tastes like sugared scheiss.

Stuff'll killya.

I got a better one for Mr. Wu.
It's widely believed that "The Fly" earned a doctorit from National Internet University
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