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Milk the Farmer!

If there is one thing "The Fly" has learned this year, it is to "milk the farmer," down to the last penny.

The current commodity frenzy has resulted in bid up stocks, within the ag sector. Basically, anything related to food is being forklifted by overzealous Wall Street fools.

Nonetheless, it makes sense to "milk the farmer," until the farmers figure out how to fuck themselves, once again.

Fly's "milk the farmer" index includes:


Feel free to add some names.

Take a look at the Monsanto graph starting at the mid August low.

Looks like a bloody Cialis ad.


There goes the SPX, Kid... happy days are here again, etc, etc.
My farmer friends are telling me that wheat is the next big thing. Folks in my parts are harvesting their soybeans and then planting winter wheat in record numbers.

Since winter wheat won't be harvested until early July, this means either corn or soybeans will not be planted in the spring.
how about milk the milk ? - ADY LWAY
BWA is a killer company for the farm fuckers.
ADY is Chinee, no?


Shed, I can't tell if that pennant shaped thing on the recent chart of BRUD is a flag or a phag-ole.

Low volume says "flag," but....
Crude --

Resistance is futile, you hayseed fracks.

Prepare to be ass maulated.
What in the fuck are you talking about?
What is with the big move in LOCM today?
BWS makes auto parts, fucktard.

LWAY and ADY produce dairy products. Last time I checked, that has dick to do with farms, vis a vis food production.

Jog on.
CEO of LOCM at my partners office last week.

Look for several new patents coming from LOCM, within the month.
Are you a buyer of LOCM broker?
Hope Tokman isn't "milking the investor". Bought 4000 more shares at 4.57......
BWS makes shoes, jog on.

Broker, Dairy has everything to do with farming/irrigation products ... cows gotta eat something. Milk cows require the same feed as meat cows.
Shorted another 1k at 4.57 on Tokman's orders.
Lots of big bucks behind XFML now. Olympics coming. Plus if I have it right the are an affiliate to China's Major news sources.
CAn you say chinee yellow journalism sensationalising the stock? How can wew go wrong?

Burkle Affiliate Reports Xinhua Stake
Posted: 2007-10-09 13:49:17
NEW YORK (AP) - An affiliate of supermarket billionaire Ron Burkle's Yucaipa Cos. has acquired a 6.2 percent stake in Xinhua Finance Media Ltd., according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing Tuesday.

In the filing, Yucaipa Global Partnership Fund LP reported holding 8.6 million shares of the Beijing-based Chinese news and broadcast company, which completed an initial public offering of American Depositary Shares earlier this year.

Yucaipa Global said the shares were acquired for investment purposes because they are "undervalued by the market at the present time." The stock was acquired in directly negotiated transactions from existing shareholders for $25.7 million.

In late September, Xinhua said Yucaipa had taken a stake of undisclosed size in the company. At the time, the company also said Yucaipa partner David Olson was appointed to Xinhua's board. In Tuesday's filing, Yucaipa said the acquisition of the stake was not conditioned upon his appointment.

Yucaipa, which said Xinhua "should have substantial opportunities for future growth," reserved the right to discuss the company with other shareholders, industry participants and other parties.

Xinhua shares have dropped more than 25 percent since the company's IPO priced at $13 per share in March. In afternoon trading, the stock fell 52 cents, or 5.5 percent, to $9.
For everyone's benefit, especially my friend the Drosophila:

"BWS" makes shoes.

"BWA" is Borg Warner, hence the joke about "resistance is futile."

The Borg? Ya know? The Collective?

Farking Phillistines.

Oh, and broker, don't be too New Yorkee. Cows exist on grain feed and grass and live on farms.

"Dairy" is short from the original "Dairy Farm."

I've got a bunch of the Fischer Price ones, I can bring one in.
Another great call on MaVIS by "the fly"
No worries about ole MaVIS.

She just needs ole STeVe to come a courtin'.
How misleading is this headline:

Cal-Maine Foods President Buys Shares

Now read the rest. Nice job AP

NEW YORK (AP) - The president and chief operating officer of egg producer Cal-Maine Foods Inc. bought 32,000 shares of common stock, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

In a Form 4 filed with the SEC Thursday, Adolphus B. Baker reported he bought the shares Tuesday for $5.93 apiece, and then sold 15,000 of them Wednesday for $25.85 to $26.35.

Insiders file Form 4s with the SEC to report transactions in their companies' shares. Open market purchases and sales must be reported within two business days of the transaction.

Cal-Maine Foods is based in Jackson, Miss.
How about DE? So obvious...
So, I can't read. Get over it.
Cigs... that's actually still bullish, even if the header was partially misleading.

The guy has to sell some of the new stock to pay the taxes on the option gains. Fact that he's keeping any is a pretty good sign.
Yeah, Shed, and John Deere too!
good point jake. but i initially thought it was a purchase on the open market, which would be pretty bullish.
ALCO, real thin, but its literally "the farm" and its for sale, but in the mean time... they are selling crops, mining rock, growing grass, exotic flowers.
Sounds like a Crazy Eddie's of the agro world. Do they throw pigs and hoes and shit around during their commercials?

My main problem with ALCO?

Chart looks like ALPO.
Holy geneticly engineered ovum Batman!

Lay a chart of CALM over a chart of MON. Or vice versa.

Eggs and engineered corn, who knew?
Another farmer stock, HF.TO, also linked to China! Ka-ching!
Other domestic fertilizer plays are TRA, CF, SMG.
Other domestic fertilizer plays are TRA, CF, SMG.
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