Monday, October 15, 2007


Let's Celebrate the Crash of 1987

Fucking yuppies.

Ron Insana with hair!

Bill Griffith is in the Insana video too.
Luckily for them they didn't have 79 million baby boomers retiring without adequate pension and medicare.
Don't worry, China will take care of that.
random MVIS information I ran into from an article on congressional earmarks

"Sen. Maria Cantwell, recipient of $15,000 in contributions from Microvision executives since 2005, is seeking $1 million for more work on the company's 10 prototypes."
(scroll to bottom of article)

You think they could pony up more than 15K to buy off the congresswoman and get some contracts.
That's a good answer Fly.
Not to late to get in on the ALLI breakout.
HF.TO is breaking out!!!!!
Need a FLY BUY on MVIS
mvis poppin' wood, fly you say why?
MVIS is a contagion waiting to happen.
I can't believe that rounded tab collars like that one asshat was wearing were ever in style.


I guess CBS News was just as hard commie in 1987 as they are today. Geez what a bunch of purse-lipped, holier than thou, envious fuckers.

How sweet is it to see their commie news franchise disappear beneath the waves under the inept, Oprah-botomy tutelage of Katie Couric?
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