Thursday, October 18, 2007


Closing Comments

How do you know I'm not a magician or some sort of IBM super computer gone haywire--spitting out high probability stock picks for destitute web surfers?

While it's true, every so often, "The Fly" gets beaten like a thief in Burma. However, for the most part, he banks coin.

All day, I enjoyed gains in OEH, RS, HANS, LNN, OIIM, SNDK, RIMM and FTK, while sustaining minor cuts in FXI, JCG and BBY.

Also, it's worth noting the scatter logic of the bears and their "earnings suck, so let's short" marching orders. That's the whole point of the Federal Reserve rate cuts--retards.

For now, it makes zero sense getting in the way of the bull, prior to the holiday shopping season. If you want to place bearish bets, do it after Thanksgiving, not now.

Finally, with my money, I will accumulate shares of CRESY, BWLD, FTK and XFML, while continuing to agitate hardcore MVIS holders with my derisory banter.

NOTE: GOOG is chopping cocks off in ah's.

where can you monitor an after hours chart? this GOOG chart must look ridiculous

Good word.

Is this your alternate website?

Brickwalling "hall of douchebags".

Click thru

Hysterical shit.
I have the sneaking suspicion 'soccer tits' is JJ.
Duh, forgot link. see 2nd post
Fly, what did you say those 2 analysts had XFML EPS at for next Q?

Seems like all of them are between .10-.14. Where the hell are they pulling the numbers out off that is not what the company is guiding to?

I can see what you mean the are mismanaging the stock. shit 300% growth aint good enough? Asshats.
You know what was up 448 basis points today?


You know what Dr. Suess said about that?

That is not all,

Oh no, that is not all!

Two of my minor Chinese rickshaw yankers, SiDharTHa and AOB, up pretty good today while STeVe craps his leg.

Odd, no?
Hm... GOOG has stopped chopping cocks and is giving serious thought to some cock reconstruction...
I'm liking this CRESY pick

Buffett's sold his entire PTR stake based on valuation, not political issues.

I am gonna have short that sucka 10 shares at a time till I get it right. When China finally pops, it could drop 80 points in a heartbeat.

All that crazy China oil shit - SNP CEO SHI ... when they start going down its gonna be like FLy kicking helpless seniors down elevator shafts in spite of all his mama taught him.
GOOG is pegged for the options expiration tomorrow making the premium sellers big money.
Well Fly when you gonna start buying this elevator shaft XFML? I mean day fter day making new lows again today while it looks like the China Lotto Stars are beginning to crack into a real pullback here. I had to resell the Nov 7.50s again since the pig is turning on a spit while I thought it would make the Fast Money POPS tonight. Sometimes even you are crispy wrong?
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