Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Fly Sell: WBD

I sold 1,000 WBD @ $116.

maybe the thing to do, is to take cors and mvis and move them off balance sheet into a conduit.
good idea.

what did XFML IR say when you told them of the high estimates? Unconcerned?


and I believe,

CFO will contact the appropriate parties.

Long term, still a great growth story.

Buy on dips.
Where are you seeing JP and UBS anyway? Wherever I look I see two analysts covering XFML:

1-May-07 WR Hambrecht Initiated Buy

26-Apr-07 CIBC Wrld Mkts Initiated Sector Outperform
WBD is controlled by the Russian mob. Since you sold stock, beware. They don't like people who sell.....

Didn't you get this clip in your "Da, Velkomme to zee Komphanie" shareholder packet?
And, for you lazy chart chompers:

RACK is making higher highs and lower lows. I don't know what that means, since I invest mafia-style, but one of my boys told me to pass that on.

It's one of those weird things.

Yahoo hasn't registered JP or UBS, for some reason.

JP was lead underwriter.
He said "Not for nuttin', but I got dis 'ting, see?"

"You do whut you wan' widit, aiight?"

Yahoo for suck.

ahhh fuck me. the lead underwriter is going to be the cause of the shitty headline? what an asshat. Hey, maybe they meet his estimates?

Put in a call to the bag-boy or bill clinton will ya? cant imagine yucaipa wants to see there investment under water so quickly. that oughta get things happnin.

I had someone talk to Khun. He knows.
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