Friday, October 19, 2007


Sector Spotlight: '87 Crash

I had a feeling SNDK would pull this shit. Despite owning the stock, I had zero confidence in SNDK's ability to deliver a crisp quarter, mainly because of insane pricing pressures. In short, you have to be a fucking calculus major to even attempt to figure out if SNDK is having a good quarter.

Impossible to game.

As for the general market:

Well, considering everyone wants to 'celebrate' the crash of '87, we might as well try to reenact it, no?

Fucking morons scared of anniversaries. I can't help but vomit on my tv, whenever I see old artifacts, like Robertson, try to tell me where the market is going.

In closing, enjoy today's reenactment of the crash of '87, as the men on the exchange floor behave like crack heads in need of a fix.

I'll just go take a nap, then eat a few sandwiches.

Go stuff yourself, fucker, with sandwiches and losses.
I'll set you aflame, if I could.
Hey broker, you get a 7.65% dividend on WM while you're waiting for old men to change their diapers. Thoughts?
Do they still have the Texas Double Whopper at Burger King? Charbroiled loveliness.
Have.'t been to the bk in awhile.

WM is ok.
I try to avoid fast food.
Should the market continue to trend down, this may be an appropriate closing video.
CMG is the best fast food you can get!! You can't avoid CMG!
fucking eggs
Turc -- you should check out NCC as well... another mortgage fear baby with a 7% handle.

I think NCC will be "consolidated"
soon. Prolly by JPM.
Polish Ed, where've you been?

Making schit kielbasa again?
Given that GOOG and BKX are doing okay, I'm skeptical of AWWWL this bullschit, as they say back on the Guyland.
I'm guessing you'll be avoiding salted ribeyes and Bordeaux after the beating you take today. I hear meatloaf is cheap. LOL!!
The Triple Whopper with Cheese has 1230 calories and 82g of fat. That's pretty solid...
sjt ???
Not one word about Crude being down 3% today.

Thankfully, Leg 1 of the move today is over. Unfortunately, two more legs to come. Hope they are shallow.

I am very interested to hear the word from INTC CEO today. If it is anything like Chambers last quarter, we may have Pisani scrambling to justify the reversal.

Yes, I am in hope mode right now. Just natural.
we'll bottom out next week for a nice thanksgiving run

in the mean time ;
bend over , here comes your lover man
Anyone who puts 'LOL' with two exclamation marks at the end of his/her sentence is a jack off.

Just an observation.
STeVe gap filled.

Whaddaya think BA?

Hater. You are one negative knob that hasn't had a good word to say about anything. Has anyone assessed your personality. Contribute something other than the shit you do. I see your username and I immediately know where you are going with your post.

BTW, do you polishyourownknob?
Anyone who puts 'LOL' with two exclamation marks at the end of his/her sentence is a jack off.


It's like supplying one's own laugh track.*


*Note: Any and all Ray Liotta laughs are excluded from this analogy.
Oopsie. Xinhua shitting the bed now.
LDK is a short. Serious issues around that company.

STV looks good. But, should the Chicoms continue to correct, it could get cheaper--XFML included.

Fuck me.
our CAGC orgainic china farm jumped 100% then took a shit and almost looking good again.

hey fly,

whats a brotha gotta do to get added to your links on the left?
you have to buy his portfolio from him at yesterdays closing prices
I'll add it to my blogroll, after I stop crying.

Any thoughts on if Tokman would consider sellling? Or you think he wants to be a hero?


According to Simon Collins, Chief Executive of KPMG Corporate Finance, merger and acquisition activity will pick up strongly next year. Analyst Sean Udall says this will be especially true in the tech arena. This brings up the thought of the potential acquisition of Microvision. With its foot in several top tech venues, and its small size, MVIS looks like a fruit ready to be plucked.

By whom?

Samsung is a company that is engaged in the cell phone and printer businesses. Microvision would make a nice fit for Samsung.

Epson? Epson and Microvision have collaborated on a variety of patents, particularly in the laser printer/scanner field.

Motorola? With a joint venture underway, MOT would seem a likely suitor.

However, one must also give strong consideration to Nokia.

Nokia favors innovation more than most companies, and it likes to have “keen control over its own manufacturing” according to one analyst. That means that if Nokia wants to successfully incorporate the big screen into their product, they need to purchase the company that makes the screen (the screen being a major component going forward). Nokia cannot purchase someone like TI, but they could well scoop up MVIS.

And what about Hewlett Packard? This tech mammoth doesn’t want to be left out in the rain, especially if the printer and endoscope elements pan out.

And finally, GE must be added to the list. MVIS’ CEO and a variety of managers hail from GE, and GE is expanding into new fields right now.

There are several potential buyers for MVIS and we may well see a grab for its assets and IP portfolio in the coming 18 months.
Homebuilder short squeeze coming up.
TC-whats the best way to play it.

Fixin to load up on the Gators-after all Kentucky is still Kentucky.
This guy says Corning going to make a projection module.

MAkes sense to have them make the whole module and MVIS to buy it from them, but he reads like JJ, so take it FWIW.
I sure hope so tradercaddy. I'm holding on to KBH til it reaches $36. I couldn't get myself to add to my postion the last couple days though :/
I have been in the etfs XHB,ITB since about 10:15 but I am getting ready to dump as they are up about 1% since then. I am going to hold to see if the general market recovers,especially financials. If the market keeps crapping I will sell the ETFs.
TraderCaddy the only squeeze in the homebuilders will be them shitting the bed as the first two announce CHAP 11 ---- my builder (PHM) will be running a SPOOK-O-WEEN Sale this and next weekend, price drops of $100K and bending every buyer in the community over while evaporating every penny of equity in the past 3 years. They will get theirs in the future.
KBH, BZH and SPF will be first to file. Dead skunks in the middle of the road.
I am fiddling while Rome burns.

Listing to free internet radio at If you haven't checked it out you should.
Joe- Correct. I think a couple are in trouble, but I don't care, I am in them for a daytrade.
NEM is looking good. More Takeover talk?
TraderCaddy you have the right idea, but Jay is going to implode holding that pig. Shit, XFML looks like I will have to reset into the fucking Nov $5 Calls.....this sucks.
I must have gotten Fly's side of the XFML trade wrong, he really went SHORT --- 8 days in a row down the elevator grain shaft...Who is going to buy and stop this debacle?
AEO throws like a girl.
KBH is my spec play and I'm out at $24. Believe it or not its in the green for the day after traddercaddy called it.

On another note Broker A can at least celebrate bwld is not dropping after it popped $39.70.
fly's don't burn on the grill

p.s. mvis+

p.p.s. p.s.'s are gay

Caught the China top. No big deal. We'll make our money back by 2050.
Re-enactment of Black Monday Oct 19, 1987?

Half you turds have no idea what that day was like---since you were in school wiping milk off your fine, barely visible, mustache hairs.

The percentage drop in the Dow that day was 10x what it is today.

Don't shit your diapers just yet.
Fuck you Alph.
Talk like that to me again and I'll see to it that you are run through with your own set of dull steak knives.

Now go make some money and stop bitchin'.
I'll kill you.
...This must be about the time jeremy, danny, wood or some other mealy-mouthed fucker comes to your aid.

Send over the laser beam, dude. Let's see what ya got.
i got one for you alphadizzle

you are added to tootsie roll dick list
jeff--coming from you, that really hurt my feelings
The FLY:

All your greatest buys are even greater buys today: HANS -6.55%. XFML, after 7 days of bleeding, plummeted -5% today. Your most favorite MVIS is the clear winner, down only -2.86%.

I's quite a normal day for me. SWC and PAL always does that, up 6% one day and then down 2% the next day. Two step forward and one step backward. But the long term rally is firmly upward.

The bounce back of precious metals is incredibly strong.
FXI filled its gap too, looks like.
What you think for Asia monday?
I don't think it matters, since we lead Asia one way or the other.

IOW -- if they are down big it will just be a reflection of our Friday.

If they are up big, it may not matter.

Is it time to buy NED on its IPO day at this junction? Might be an interesting swing trade into Tuesday? Or is is better to wait and see if we get a BLACK MONDAY down?
I haven't killed chickens in a long time, but I am thinking of taking a stroll into the backyard, and perhaps even getting out the Hand of Glory.

That said, XFML has support here (7.22 or so) and at $7.06 ish.
nasdaq chart looking precarious on a precipice
spx & dow already look like shit

HGX down for the count
Oils just broke
BKX oversold
BTK broken

not a pretty picture

I still say we bounce mid week for a nice rally but from where, who knows
Buffett said he isn't yet interested in buying into depressed home builders, hit by this year's credit-market turmoil. He said he would buy only "if they are selling below what I think they're worth," adding, "they're not there yet. I'm waiting until they're underpriced."
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